PADDOCK BLOG: Hot. Hot. Hot in Montreal

PADDOCK BLOG: Hot. Hot. Hot in Montreal

Let’s not mess around. Monaco was a hit right on the end of the nose for the Silver Arrows. But, in sport, individuals as well as teams are judged on their ability not only to win, but to bounce back from a defeat. Montreal presents the team with the perfect opportunity to do just that this weekend.

So, it was with this mind-set that we packed up our bags and headed to Heathrow on Tuesday morning for our flight out to Canada. You could feel that buzz amongst the boys on the bus to the airport, that crackle, spark of excitement. We fly to Canada with a point to prove.

A seven hour stint later and we’re touching down in Montreal, feeling all the better after an early start for a interruption-free flight thanks to Bose and their life saving noise-cancelling headphones. One delay for a late bag – there’s always one! – and it’s time to wind down at the hotel before getting stuck into the weekend proper.

Wednesday is usually fairly quiet ahead of a grand prix, but we had a bumper day of events, driving over the bridge for a reunion with the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, before heading back into the city to hang out with Montreal Canadiens – and we brought Valtteri along too! Safe to say, ice was shredded, Zambonis were raced and some new friends were made!

We rounded out a mega Wednesday in Montreal with a trip to Cirque du Soleil to have some fun with PUMA and a pair of BMX bikes! Obviously, boys will be boys and Lewis and Valtteri started showing off, pulling off tricks like they’d been doing it all their lives.

After lots of fun on Wednesday, Thursday was a bit more serious with loads of media appointments to meet. It’s a long day for the drivers and there was an extra element involved this week, with Montreal absolutely steaming in the summer sunshine. Lewis joined Jolyon Palmer and the returning Fernando Alonso in the FIA press conference in the morning. 10 years on from his first win here, Lewis understandably faced a flurry of questions… the big one, can he make it win number six in Montreal this weekend.

Valtteri wasn’t one of the lucky ones to face the media in the press conference, but still had his chance to catch up with the international press in the afternoon. After two podiums here with Williams, he’s gunning for a chance to stand on the top step of the Montreal podium.

So there you have it – an epic start to an epic week in magic Montreal. That’s us signing off for the night… but we’ll be back tomorrow as the Silver Arrows hit the circuit! We can hardly wait to see those beasties in action again!

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