REPORT: George Russell Wraps Up the #BudaTest Just Shy of a Century

REPORT: George Russell Wraps Up the #BudaTest Just Shy of a Century

Mercedes-Benz Junior completes 90 laps of the Hungaroring to conclude the second in-season test of 2017 in Budapest

'I was very pleased with the test'

George ended a productive day in P8 on the time sheets, clocking a 1:19.391 on the SuperSoft compound tyre in the afternoon.

"I was very pleased with the test," said the Brit. "I managed to get through the two days not so physically tired. I feel like I could have done even more laps. It's obviously extremely tough driving the 2017 car. And there's no rest at a circuit like this - especially in 36 degree temperature. I was playing it safe because I knew I had two days in the car with lots of mileage planned. I wanted to do a good job for the team and tick of all of their test items. We didn't focus on coming out on top of the timesheets. We came away from this test learning a lot. From our point of view we took everything away we needed to."

'I had a much better view with the Halo than I expected'

The talented youngster's programme mainly focused on aero tests, some mechanical systems work, race start and controls systems development and a run-out for the Halo concept.

"I had a much better view with the Halo than I expected," he continued. "When the sun was coming down at the end of the day, it blocked the sun from my eyes. So I actually saw more than I would usually see when the sun is low. From a driver's perspective, the visibility is completely fine. The only hindrance could potentially be seeing the start lights. Getting in and out of the car with the Halo takes a bit of experience. I struggled initially, but after a few trial runs I was fine."

The next challenge for George? Maintaining his lead in the GP3 Series standings as the Championship rolls on to Spa in just under four weeks' time. Game on...

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