Singapore preview – Toto: “A highlight of the calendar with its unique setting and night race format”

Singapore preview – Toto: “A highlight of the calendar with its unique setting and night race format”

The Singapore Grand Prix, Formula One's only night race, takes place around the Marina Bay Circuit on the evening of Sunday 22 September. The first race at the 5.065 km circuit took place in 2008 and the venue has since firmly established itself as a favourite on the Formula One calendar.

Each previous Singapore Grand Prix has featured at least one Safety Car deployment, with a total of eight in five races. The average corner speed of 135 km/h is one of the season's lowest, with 17 of the 23 corners taken at 150 km/h or less. The average elapsed time of the past five races has been 1hr 58mins, 1.5 times longer than that of Monza.

“With seven races left of the Formula One season” says Ross, “we start the season-ending flyaway races in Singapore. The Singapore Grand Prix is always a fantastic weekend for Formula One and provides a great spectacle for the fans in the city and the viewers on global television.

It's become a highlight of the calendar for many and the challenge of working late under the floodlights is enjoyed by the teams and drivers alike. The Marina Bay track layout is tricky, one of the slowest circuits on the calendar, and the punishing heat and humidity provide an extra challenge for the drivers and cars. There has been a lot of hard work at our factories in Brackley and Brixworth since the summer shutdown and the developments that we have found will be introduced during the upcoming flyaway races.

Whilst our design and development priorities are naturally increasing towards our 2014 efforts, our aim is to extract the maximum from the car we are racing and regain our second position in the Constructors' Championship. This will require a big effort from the team combined with consistent points finishes from Nico and Lewis.”

As Toto points out, this weekend's race in Singapore begins a “gruelling series of seven races in ten weekends for the team and we are all focused on regaining some of the momentum we lost at the past two races. We expect the return to maximum downforce configuration to suit our car and we may see another shift in the competitive order between the teams.

Singapore is a highlight of the Formula One calendar, with its unique setting and night race format, and provides the cars and drivers with tough tests of reliability and concentration during a race which usually lasts the full two-hour time limit.

We will bring new developments to the car once again for this race and we are all focused on maximising the opportunities for both Lewis and Nico, in order to re-establish ourselves in second position in the Constructors' standings.”

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