#TheTriple in Numbers

#TheTriple in Numbers

World Champions! World Champions!! World Champions!!! The celebrations know no bounds. For the third time in a row, both Formula One World Championships have gone to the Silver Arrows. A magnificent way to round off the first three years in the new era of Hybrid Power Units, which commenced with the 2014 season and has resulted in so many triumphs for the team since. Nico and Lewis won 51 races between them as well as three drivers’ championship titles. At the same time, they secured the Constructors’ World Championship for the brand with the three-pointed star three times, amassing an incredible 2,169 championship points in the space of three years. But there are many more statistics, records and interesting facts to report from the past three campaigns. Here comes #TheTriple in numbers!

2014 2015 2016 Overall
Wins 16 16 19 51
Podiums 31 32 33 96
Poles 18 18 20 56
Front row starts 30 33 35 98
Fastest laps 12 13 9 34
1-2 victories 11 12 8 31
Points 701 703 765 2,169

#TheTriple in Numbers: Nico Rosberg

World Champion! Nico fulfilled a childhood ambition in the 2016 season when he was crowned Formula One World Champion. En route to the title, he won nine races and also secured the 2016 Fastest Lap Award. But those are just the headline figures and statistics. Did you know, for example, that...

  • for the third time in the history of the Abu Dhabi track, the destination of the title was decided in this particular fixture
  • Nico is the first World Champion since Alain Prost in 1993 to announce his retirement immediately after winning the title
  • Nico and his father, Keke, are one of 13 father-son pairings to have competed in Formula One
  • Nico and Keke are one of only two father-son combinations to have won the World Championship, the other being Damon and Graham Hill
  • Nico won the World Championship 34 years after his father Keke back in 1982
  • Nico and Keke both won the title with the number 6 on their car
  • Nico is the third German Formula One World Champion after Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher
  • Nico and Keke represented two different countries during their championship-winning campaign, namely Germany and Finland; both of the above countries boast three different champions (Finland: Keke, Mika Häkkinen, Kimi Räikkönen) and have a Rosberg on their list
  • Nico completed 957 of his 1,268 laps (75%) in the 2016 season in a Top Three position
  • Nico drove 2,052 kilometres on the Pirelli UltraSoft tyres – more than any other driver in the 2016 season
  • from Mexico in 2015 to Russia in 2016, Nico won seven consecutive races
  • Nico has steadily increased his tally of race wins over the last five years: 1 (2012), 2 (2013), 5 (2014), 6 (2015) and 9 (2016)
2014 2015 2016 Overall
Wins 5 6 9 20
Podiums 15 15 16 46
Poles 11 7 8 26
Front row starts 15 15 20 50
Fastest laps 5 5 6 16
Points 317 322 385 1,024
WDC Position 2 2 1 -

#TheTriple in Numbers: Lewis Hamilton

This year, Lewis narrowly missed out on recording a personal hat-trick. After two successive world championship titles in a Silver Arrow, he finished the 2016 campaign as runner-up behind his team-mate Nico. Even so, Lewis can also look back on a successful season in which he not only registered the most victories (10), most poles (12) and most laps in the lead (566) but also set some personal records and moved further up the all-time leaderboard. So what were these personal records? Well, did you know that...

  • Lewis has so far competed in 188 Formula One races – always in a Mercedes-powered car
  • Lewis has won 53 Grands Prix in his Formula One career to date
  • those 53 wins take him up to second place on the all-time leaderboard; only record F1 championship winner Michael Schumacher has more victories to his account (91)
  • Lewis has won all of his 53 victories in a car powered by Mercedes-Benz
  • 32 of Lewis’s 53 Grand Prix victories were in a Silver Arrow (2013 - 2016)
  • Lewis has picked up the winner’s trophy at no fewer than 24 different racetracks – a world record
  • Lewis’s 61 pole positions put him in third position on this section of the all-time leaderboard; only Michael Schumacher (68) and Ayrton Senna (65) are above him
  • Lewis has completed the hat-trick of race win, pole position and fastest lap on ten occasions; on two of these, he held the race lead on every lap (Malaysia 2014, Italy 2015)
  • Lewis’s 104 podium appearances place him third in this particular category of the all-time leaderboard; only Alain Prost (106) and Michael Schumacher (155) have ascended the podium more often
  • almost half (50) of Lewis’s podium finishes have come in the past three seasons with the Hybrid Power Unit
  • Lewis has had 105 front row starts, 48 of which have come in the past three seasons
  • Lewis has amassed a total of 2,247 championship points in Formula One; more than half (1,145) of these were scored between 2014 and 2016 in a Silver Arrow
  • Lewis drove 523 kilometres on full-wet tyres last season, more than any other driver
  • Lewis’s charge through the field in the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix involved more overtaking manoeuvres than was seen in any other race during the campaign; he got past no fewer than 18 opponents on the track
  • Lewis has now clocked 14,989 kilometres in the lead. Only one other driver beats that total in the history of Formula One. And who might that other driver be? Why, Michael Schumacher (24,144 km) of course.
2014 2015 2016 Overall
Wins 11 10 10 31
Podiums 16 17 17 50
Poles 7 11 12 30
Front row starts 15 18 15 48
Fastest laps 7 8 3 18
Points 384 381 380 1,145
WDC Position 1 1 2 -

#TheTriple in Numbers: The Silver Arrows

Since the beginning of the Hybrid Power Unit era in early 2014, the Silver Arrows have enjoyed three seasons of superlatives. The 2016 campaign was the icing on the cake: after all, it was not only the longest Formula One season in the history of the sport, it was also the third contested under this set of regulations. The principle was that the teams should be more evenly matched, and that was indeed the case. In spite of that, the Silver Arrows managed to win 19 of the 21 races – an absolutely fantastic team performance. But of course, there were even more successes to report from the past three years. So on we go to our third batch of statistics: Did you know that...

  • Nico is the third Formula One World Champion in a Silver Arrow; the other two are Lewis (2014, 2015) and the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio (1954, 1955)
  • the Silver Arrows won 51 of the 59 Grands Prix between 2014 and 2016
  • 31 of the 51 Mercedes wins in the past three seasons were one-two victories
  • the Silver Arrows emerged top of the timesheets in 77% of all sessions during the past three years (351 out of 459 sessions).
  • the Silver Arrows are only the fourth team in the history of Formula One to have won the drivers’ title in three consecutive years, the others being McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull
  • in the past three seasons, the two Silver Arrows drivers negotiated 363,113 corners, completed 22,495 laps and clocked up a total distance of 112,682.728 kilometres, performing over a million gear changes in the process
  • Lewis’s victory in Abu Dhabi was the 150th for a Mercedes-powered car in Formula One; more than a third (51) of these wins came in the last three seasons
  • The Silver Arrows led the Drivers’ World Championship throughout the entire 2016 campaign, Nico for 17 races and Lewis for four
  • in the 21 races of the 2016 season, the two Silver Arrows drivers were overtaken only seven times (Nico x 4, Lewis x 3) – a statistic unmatched by any other team
2014 2015 2016 Overall
Car F1 W05 Hybrid F1 W06 Hybrid F1 W07 Hybrid
Power Unit PU106A Hybrid PU106B Hybrid PU106C Hybrid
No. of Races 19 19 21 59
Sessions Topped 114 (75%) 116 (79%) 121 (76%) 351 (77%)
Laps Completed 7,217 7,205 8,073 22,495
Distance Covered 36,867.313 km 35,256.546 km 40,558.869 km 112,682.728 km
Gear Changes 347,072 333,238 389,239 1,069,549
Corners Taken 116,432 113,681 133,000 363,113
Fuel Injections 288,680,000 288,200,000 322,920,000 899,800,000
MGU-K Energy Deployed 28,868 MJ 28,820 MJ 32,292 MJ 89,980 MJ

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