IN WORDS: “It’s a good opportunity to bounce back” – Valtteri

IN WORDS: “It’s a good opportunity to bounce back” – Valtteri

After a tough weekend in Monaco, the team has spent the last week learning from its bruising around the streets of Monte Carlo and Valtteri is ready to hit back in Montreal this weekend.

“Monaco was a tough one for us,” explained Valtteri. “There was a lot of analysis to do after the race. It’s a lot to do with car set-up.

“Yes, we definitely have tyre issues and a lot of that comes from how the car is handling. If we went back to Monaco I’m sure we could do a better job, but I’m still not sure that we could match Ferrari.

“We’ve definitely learned a lot. We have some new things on the car and it’s a good opportunity to bounce back.”

Finding a balance with the car has been the team’s weak point so far this campaign, but it’s a critical area that needs to be addressed quickly if the Silver Arrows are to challenge for this year’s championship trophies.

“We were close in qualifying, but in the race our tyres just ran out,” said Valtteri. “The balance wasn’t there and we were on a knife-edge.

“We can see that in some tracks we struggle more but that is something we need to sort out. We need to be good everywhere if we are to win the title.”

Still new to the team, Valtteri applauded the reaction to the bruising weekend in Monaco and the focus show in an effort to return to winning ways.

“I’ve been speaking with the engineers and it’s been interesting to see how the team reacts after a struggle,” explained Valtteri. “It’s been nice to see this massive push. From myself, I try and give everything I can to be useful for the team.

“There’s no panic but we need to make the car quicker. We need to improve mechanically and aero wise. It’s flat out and we’re working on it. Hopefully we’re back to winning sooner rather than later.”

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