IN WORDS: “We’ve delivered a blow to the Ferraris” – Lewis

IN WORDS: “We’ve delivered a blow to the Ferraris” – Lewis

Lewis dominated the Canadian Grand Prix to score his six win at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and the 56th victory of his Formula One career. Taking the win, pole, fastest lap and leading every lap in Montreal, Lewis also claimed his fourth F1 Grand Slam, on what he called one of his best ever race weekends.

Lewis: I'm over the moon

Lewis, another victory at this track means something special to you, doesn't it?

LH: It does! I mean, I had my first pole here, I had my first win here ten years ago, and to repeat it this weekend is incredibly special. I really have to thank my team who made this possible, the guys back at the factory have worked so hard to really fix what we had in the last race, to bring it here and give it to the Ferraris. It's great. Valtteri did a fantastic job to get collectively great points; I'm over the moon.

I guess this was just one of those days that worked out quite well for you - once you'd got Turn One, the strategy came towards you, you controlled the race; it must have been a great day.

LH: It's been an incredible weekend - I couldn't be happier. Firstly, for the team to have come away from Monaco, everyone kind of scratching their heads but everyone wanting to work, to pull together, which we did. I don't think in the five years I've been with the team that I've seen them pull so well together and really work towards the same cause. Understand the car and then come here and deliver what we've delivered - a great blow to the Ferraris, I think, because Valtteri did a fantastic job to get a 1-2 - it's our first 1-2 together - and it's important points for the team. So, well deserved. It's kind of crazy to think that I had my first pole position and grand prix win here years ago. It felt great; it felt very reminiscent of 2007 in terms of how the race went. Once we did the restart, once I got past the pit straight it was all under control from there. I had to manage the car, the tyres, it's a long race! When you're out there on your own it feels very long - when you've got 35 laps to go, you think it's a long way. Just hoping that the car holds together, which it did.

Lewis: Motor racing has given me some great memories

Lewis, with everything that has happened this weekend, the blazing pole lap, the helmet, everything fell together today, can this be considered one of the best weekends of your career?

LH: I think it’s always difficult to say the best. I have been so fortunate. Motor racing has given me some great memories, from the early days when I was eight years old. And being in Formula One from 22 onwards I think there are just so many, I wouldn’t want to say one was more special than the other. The first grand prix win I had when my dad was here. The first grand prix I had when I finished third on the podium and seeing my dad coming out of the garage and we couldn't believe that we were there; winning my first championship, there are just so many amazing memories, Each weekend you just want to arrive as a more solid, complete driver. I think this weekend I would like to hope being that I’m older, more experienced, further down the line, I would like to think I’m a lot more composed, a lot more complete as a driver. In terms of performance I would like to think it was one of the best weekends, yeah.

You achieved the fastest lap of the race shortly before the end of the Grand Prix. Was this just a fun thing at the end for you as a driver?

LH: No, it wasn't just for fun. I had to put the car on the limit. I have to give feedback to my engineers. There are several different states you can the car put in and we have to see how the tyres react or how the car feels over the kerbs. That lap gave me a lot of information about the car and also how I have to set up the car for the race. If I hadn't done that lap I would have had a bit less information after the race.

Lewis: It was just amazing teamwork

Does this result mean it's the end of Monaco-style upsets?

LH: The team really did such great work in terms of analysing where we'd gone wrong, all the different points, and then giving us a summary: 'this is where we went wrong, this is what we think we need to do to fix it.' And then putting it into action. It was just amazing teamwork. We came here, the car's back to where it should be. It doesn't mean it's going to be like that every time but I think we learned a lot. And I'm happy that it was actually... even though Monaco's a special one to win... I'm happy that it was that early in the season that we had learned those things. I think it should put us in a strong position from here moving forwards. We know which direction we need to be developing the car from now on.

Did the situation between Monaco and Montreal feel a bit like before Singapore in 2015?

LH: No, I think in Singapore it was a bit more of an unknown what happened. After two weeks I didn't fully understand why we were in that situation. We did come back but this time the team work and thee engineering was so much better. We really understood what went wrong and where the car was going wrong. We came here with real knowledge and an idea what might be the case and we tried a couple of them.

Lewis: The trickiest part will be tyres I believe

You’re heading for a third street track in a row after Monaco and Canada. Baku could be considered a combination of both. How will you be attacking Baku and will you using what you learned in Monaco there or from here and Monaco?

LH: Definitely. You take each experience and you pile ‘em up. What we learned in Monaco will definitely impact Baku. It’s a much longer circuit; I think it’s very smooth, a lot more flat. Downforce efficiency is going to be important there, you don’t have to be as soft as for example you have to be here in roll and bumps. Last year I think I was very quick there; I just didn’t deliver. So the plan is to make sure I deliver. The trickiest part will be tyres I believe. I’m not sure which tyres we have, I’m sure it’s quite similar to here, but that’s going to be the tricky part, these tyres. Getting them in the window on such a smooth surface. That’s going to be the challenge for everyone.

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