You Are Connected – Initiative for Japan

You Are Connected – Initiative for Japan

After the terrible events that Japan suffered recently, the entire Formula One community decided to join together to express their thoughts to all of the people who have been affected and have to reconstruct their lives in their home country.

Led by Sauber driver and Japanese national Kamui Kobayashi, the 12 teams and 24 drivers helped to create a dedicated digital book for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch called “You Are Connected”.

The digital book contains messages of support from all of the drivers, the team principals and pictures from the Formula One paddock. You can then save those pictures as wallpapers for your device.


All the proceeds from “You Are Connected” will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) and help to reconstruct and provide vital supplies to the people in need in the affected areas of Japan.

The application will cost you 0.59GBP (0.79EUR, 0.99US$, ¥115, 1.19AU$)

To download, please visit:

Thank you.

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