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Community Guidelines & Reporting

We’re committed to providing a respectful, supportive, fun and safe online space for Formula One fans – no matter which team or driver you support. A community where you can share your passion and make your voice heard.

As we embark on our goal of success, we’ll be taking you with us every step of the way. Through the joy and the pain, the highs and the lows. We want you to be right there alongside us. And we want you to have a safe space to enjoy the journey. Outlined below are the Community Guidelines that we ask you to follow on all our online platforms. We have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, abuse or bullying of any kind, and will take appropriate action to any comments or posts that do not meet our guidelines – from deleting, to blocking or reporting.

What We Want

  • Respectful debate and discussion

  • A positive, inclusive and supportive environment for all F1 fans to come together and interact

  • To hear your voices and opinions, even if we don’t agree with them!

  • Fan-created photos and videos, when appropriate

  • Relevant, topical conversations

What We Don’t Want

  • Discrimination of any kind, including racism, homophobia, sexism

  • Use of bad language and swear words

  • Insulting, threatening, defamatory or obscene posts or comments

  • Unlawful posts or comments

  • Spam, links to unrelated content or self-promotion

  • Targeted bullying or abuse towards an individual

Community Monitoring

Our team closely moderates our online community across all digital platforms, and we also utilise Arwen – a leading provider of community management AI tools – to help ensure the interaction and engagement on our social media channels are in line with our guidelines.

Reporting Abuse

Social media has the power to unite and connect people from all over the world, but it can also be an outlet for people to share negativity and disrespectful comments. Discrimination of any kind has no place in our society and every single one of you has the power to report and stop it if you see it on social media.

If you see something and want to report it, find some advice below on how to do so. If you have any serious concerns, you can also message us on the different platforms.


Swipe left or hold down on the comment (depending on the device) and press on the report icon – which is a box with an exclamation mark. A menu will appear. Choose the option you feel best represents the comment you are reporting. Click on the option and hit ‘Submit Report’.

More information and help on how to report on Instagram


Press down on the comment (or hover over it and hit the three dots, if on desktop) and the menu will appear. Hitting ‘Hide Comment’ will mean you no longer see that comment on that post.

Click on ‘Find support or report comment’ and select the options from the menu, that you feel best represents the comment. More menus appear depending on what you choose. Click ‘submit’ to send the report.

More information and help on reporting comments on Facebook.


Click the three dots on the right-hand corner. Hit ‘Block’ to stop the user seeing your posts, ‘Mute’ to stop seeing the user’s posts or ‘Report Tweet’ to flag the comment to the platform. The detailed ‘Report an Issue’ menu will appear, navigate this menu and select what you feel is the most relevant option for the comment or post.

For more assistance and information on reporting tweets.


On each YouTube comment and video, hitting the three dots brings up a menu. Click ‘Report’ and select the option that best fits the situation. Hit ‘Report’ to submit it to YouTube.

For more information and a helpful video.


Hold down on the comment and hit ‘Report’. A menu will appear. Select the most relevant option and click ‘Submit’. To report a video, click the ‘share’ arrow and you can find the ‘Report’ button at the bottom. Select the appropriate option and click ‘Submit’.

Further information and help


Hit the three dots to bring up the menu and select the ‘Report’ option, which takes you to a further menu. Select the relevant option and proceed through the next menus, to submit the report.

More information or watch this video.