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Modern Slavery Act

Statement of Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Limited (trading as Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team) (‘MGP’) regarding the Modern Slavery Act 2015

In accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, MGP is required to produce a statement setting out the steps it takes to ensure there is no modern slavery within its business and its supply chains.

MGP understands the importance of these measures and is committed to helping eradicate all forms of slavery and human trafficking around the world. 

Supply Chains

Our staff are predominantly employed directly by the company and are generally in a category that is not seen to be vulnerable to modern slavery in the UK. As a result, MGP’s main focus is to ensure its contractors and suppliers comply with the Modern Slavery Act. To achieve this MGP adopts a zero tolerance policy towards violations of laws banning forced labour, slavery and human trafficking. By ensuring clauses are inserted into its supplier contracts which require suppliers to comply with applicable laws including the Modern Slavery Act, any supplier found to be in breach of the legislation will permit MGP to terminate its contracts with that supplier and such supplier will be immediately reported to the authorities.

Due Diligence

In accordance with MGP’s robust compliance procedures and its approach to governance, MGP carries out due diligence on suppliers and has developed clear checks which must be performed before contracting with same. This ensures that MGP only selects suppliers who comply with its high standards and policies.

Organisational Policies

MGP’s Integrity Code details the rules and guidelines by which MGP employees are required to follow. This includes, among other things, strict compliance with the law, especially with respect to international human rights and employment standards. Consequently, any violations of laws banning forced labour, slavery and human trafficking will constitute not only a breach of the law but also the Integrity Code and such violations will be subject to disciplinary procedures which may permit the termination of employees found to be involved in such breach.


MGP is currently conducting internal compliance training which covers topics such as human rights, integrity and whistleblowing. This is designed to encourage employees to look out for violations of the law both internally and externally and empower staff to report such violations with the confidence that their reports will be taken seriously and actioned appropriately. 

This Modern Slavery Statement was approved on 18 February 2021

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