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Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team is the works team of Mercedes-AMG, competing at the pinnacle of motorsport – the FIA Formula One™ World Championship.

Formula One is a sport like no other. Combining elite teamwork, cutting-edge technologies and innovation, high-performance management and exceptional driving skill, teams develop race cars capable of competing against their rivals in a high-octane environment that spans upwards of 20 races across five continents throughout each season.

The Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, based across Technology Centres at Brackley and Brixworth in the United Kingdom, brings together over 1,000 dedicated and determined people that design, develop, manufacture and race the cars driven by seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton and Grand Prix winner, George Russell.

Winning seven consecutive double Drivers’ and Constructors’ World Championships from 2014 to 2020 and securing a record-breaking eighth consecutive Constructors’ Championship success in 2021, the Team is one of the most successful in the sport’s history.

Our Ethos

All in Performance. That is the mindset that defines our thinking as a team.

We demand the very best from ourselves and give our very best to each other every day. We are determined and confident in our capability to win through technical excellence and teamwork. Every member of our Team is empowered to achieve our goals. We honour that responsibility by delivering to the best of our abilities and to the highest standards of quality.

At the heart of our performance is trust: we have the courage to fail, the character to be accountable and the strength to see failure as an opportunity. When we make mistakes, we transform them into opportunities to learn and improve. Each day we fail is a day for our rivals to regret, because these are the days when we become even stronger to beat them again.

Winning on track brings an unparalleled sense of achievement that rewards and feeds our passion. To achieve our vision, our team including our drivers will – and must – be tested.

In the face of these tests, we contribute positively to motor racing and the legacy of the Silver Arrows by maintaining the highest levels of integrity in the context of intense competition.

This is the way we love it: no excuses, no blame – just passion, respect, innovation, determination and excellence.

Best Team wins. Best driver wins. In that order.

Together, we share a common set of values.


We love what we do, we share high energy, and we celebrate our achievements.


We listen, challenge openly and give credit where it is due


We are pioneers who approach new ideas with an open mind.


We never back off and we keep a level head when the pressure is on.


Our aim is to always raise our standards and set the benchmark within our sport.

The challenge of winning in F1 is formidable because of the outstanding quality of our competitors. And this is our mindset: the greater the challenge, the better.

The Board

Team Management

Niki Lauda

We remember Niki Lauda as the racing driver, the businessman and the non-executive chairman of the board. But most of all, we remember him as our friend.