• Spain, Saturday: Norbert, “Our aim is to repeat what we have achieved in the last two races”

Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher qualified in seventh and tenth positions respectively today for the Spanish Grand Prix. With a focus on saving tyres for the race, the team took a measured approach to Q2 & Q3 with one run for each car.

“We had a fairly good qualifying session today whilst being mindful of preparing for the race and being in the best possible position for tomorrow” said Ross after qualifying. “We clearly couldn’t have challenged the cars right at the front of the grid, however Nico did a very good job, and he is in great shape for tomorrow’s race. Unfortunately with Michael, we incurred a KERS problem of a nature which made it difficult to think that he could achieve a competitive time, and therefore he did not complete a lap. This has the advantage of giving us maximum choice for his tyre strategy for tomorrow.”

Norbert regretted Michael’s issue with his KERS system: “because of the issue we decided not to use another set of fresh tyres. Our strategy in qualifying concentrated from lap one on saving tyres for the race and that is what we have achieved today, albeit probably to the cost of a better place on the grid.” Norbert feels Nico got the best result possible under the circumstances.

“We are sorry for Michael as he definitely would be starting further up the grid without the KERS issue. However tomorrow is the race, and our aim is to repeat what we have achieved in the last two races; to be placed in the top five at the finish line.”