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Our approach to environmental sustainability is guided by these principles. They underpin our mission to win sustainably on track and in business.  

We will continue to go all in with the time, effort and investment required to achieve our mission.  

Carbon Emissions 

Carbon neutral operations since 2020. Powered by 100% renewable electricity since 2019. Exceeding our baseline target set in 2018. 

We have set ourselves challenging targets.  

We want to reduce our CO2 footprint across all scopes, in line with SBTi and achieve verified Net Zero by 2030. 

To reach our emissions goal, we will embed environmental sustainability in every decision we make and action we take. 

  • 98%
    Achieved reduction in scope 1 and 2 footprint between 2018 and 2021.
  • 50%
    Emissions reduction target in scope 1, 2 and partial scope 3 has been exceeded.
  • 58%
    We achieved 58% emissions reduction in 2021

Gold standard carbon offsetting

Removal and reduction.  

We incorporate both types of offsets in our operations because staying aligned with the latest developments matters to our team.  

That means that the following gold certified projects have been carefully selected to offset our 2021 carbon emissions. A global, diverse portfolio. 

Our Commitments

In-depth assessments. Transparent disclosure. Bold steps.

Our team is determined to be a leader in sustainability within motorsport. We want to inspire others in global sport and be pioneers in our field.

To achieve that vision, we:

  • Assess our carbon footprint to industry benchmark standards in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Guidance and SBTi framework, including full Scope 3 emissions reporting:

  • Take bold steps to address our largest sources of emissions as a priority, including aviation:

  • Provide transparency on our progress and share our learnings, so that we can inspire and enable others to succeed in their journeys.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel 

We are the first global sports team to invest in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). An industry leading approach, designed to reduce our Scope 3 aviation carbon footprint.  

Aviation accounts for over a quarter of our entire projected carbon footprint. 

By purchasing SAF claims, we will be able to achieve close to 50% reduction in our race team personnel air travel footprint. And we will continue to offset our remaining aviation carbon emissions with Gold Standard offsets, while we work with the industry to scale SAF availability.  

SAF is an emerging technology. We are confident it will play a major role in reducing future aviation emissions. Its current production and availability are limited, but we hope that continuous investment will showcase SAF’s credentials and encourage other industries to follow the same path. 

Net Zero Formula One 

In 2019, Formula One announced a very clear goal. 

To be net zero carbon by 2030.  

 By 2026, our team, and every Formula One team, has agreed to:  

  • Adopt 100% advanced sustainable fuel 

  • Introduce hybrid engines that include 50% electric power  

Formula One has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Innovation is inherent within our sport and its proud history.  

We are all in on our sustainability journey.