• Bahrain, Friday – Ross: “We completed good work on low & high fuel”

The first two practice sessions for the Bahrain Grand Prix took place today at the Sakhir International Circuit. The team completed a total of 106 laps in the two practice sessions today - nearly two race distances. The focus was on comparing and understanding tyre performance in much hotter conditions than in China last week.

Six Mercedes-Benz powered drivers finished in the top seven in P1; and four in the top six in the afternoon session.

For Ross, “we had a very solid day of practice here today, completing some good work on both low and high fuel.

We made some progress over the day with the set-up of the car, there were no issues and, all in all, it was a very reasonable day. We’ve done our homework and know what our priorities are, so that should enable us to work out what we want to tomorrow.”

Norbert felt that the team “had a pretty good first day learning quite a lot about the big challenge of how to use the tyres in the best possible way and make them last during the necessary number of laps in the race.

There was more grip in the second session which helped. We still have room for improvement but I think our team has a good understanding of what will be required here on Sunday. Having said that, it is much too early to judge where we are compared to our competitors.”