• Spa, Sunday – Ross: “An exciting race for Michael and a strong effort from Nico. We now look ahead to Monza”

Michael finished his 300th Grand Prix in the points today, making up sixth places to finish in seventh position. Nico moved up from 23rd on the grid to finish in 11th place.

Michael ran a two-stop option/prime/option strategy, stopping on laps 19 and 35. He drove the final few laps of the race without sixth gear, having lost it shortly after his second stop. Nico also completed two stops, using prime/option/option tyres, and stopping on laps 20 and 36.

“It was a very exciting race for Michael, and a great demonstration of his skills in his 300th Grand Prix. Unfortunately we didn’t quite have a quick enough car today to be pushing for the podium. Michael also had a problem with his gearbox towards the end which prevented him from challenging after his second stop.

Nico made a strong effort to get into the points and almost succeeded. However with a lack of dry running, and the car not quite set up as he wanted, that was always going to be tough. We will look ahead now to Monza and keep working hard to improve our performance.”

For Norbert, “two-thirds of the race looked quite promising for Michael who drove a great race on the occasion of his 300th Grand Prix. The plan was to do a one-stop strategy which we then switched to two stops. Michael was in third with 10 laps to go, however the trio behind him were able to go much quicker with fresh tyres than Michael could on his set of primes which were already 26 laps old.

He then lost sixth gear, so seventh was the result we could achieve today, and Michael showed some great manoeuvres throughout the race. Nico started 23rd and finished 11th - also for him more was not possible with our current technical package. We now are looking forward to the Italian Grand Prix next week at Monza.