• Monza, Saturday – Norbert: “Today’s results provides a decent basis for the race tomorrow”

Michael and Nico qualified in fifth and seventh places today for the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

The pair will start from fourth and sixth positions on the grid tomorrow once other penalties have been applied. Michael and Nico both used a single set of prime tyres in Q1, and one set of options in each of Q2 and Q3.

Five Mercedes-Benz engines were among the top seven fastest times set in qualifying this afternoon.

For Ross, “It was a pretty solid qualifying session for the team this afternoon. The key to the session was using the tyres in the correct way and getting them at their best for the timed laps. We could perhaps have squeezed a little more out of our package today in terms of pure performance, but our positions are close to our maximum at this circuit.

Yesterday's race preparation was, for the first time in a number of races, untroubled by poor weather so we were able to achieve a lot of good work on various fuel loads. Now, we will see how that translates into tomorrow's race.”

“Fifth for Michael and seventh for Nico are better qualifying results than we had in the last two races”, said Norbert today, “and this should be a decent basis for the race tomorrow. Five Mercedes-powered cars in the top seven places of the qualifying ranking is a good result for our engine today.