• Abu Dhabi, Saturday - Ross: It certainly promises to be an intriguing race

Nico and Lewis qualified on the second row in third and fourth places for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix today.

"That was a rather more exciting qualifying session than we have seen at recent races! Nico put together a very strong session, topping the times in Q2 and securing a strong third place in the final part. As for Lewis, he was well up on his best time to that point - enough for us to start getting a little excited on the pit wall - when the car spun," said Ross. "It now appears there was a technical problem which we will investigate fully when the car returns. We will never know how that lap could have panned out but we were certainly closer on ultimate performance than we have been in a while."

A MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS driver posted best time in each of the first two qualifying sessions. In Q1, it was Lewis, whilst in Q2, Nico took the top spot, followed by Lewis. Nico and Lewis will share the second row for the start of the race.

"Looking to the race, we were not particularly happy with the car on our long runs yesterday, but the drivers and their engineers did a great job overnight to make some changes and improve the situation," added Ross. "The track has also changed significantly, so we will have to see how things turn out. Strategy will clearly be a major consideration for the race and I am sure we will see a mix of one and two stop strategies. It certainly promises to be an intriguing race."

"We can be satisfied with third and fourth places this afternoon. Ifs, buts and maybes don't count in motorsport so it doesn't really matter whether or not our positions could have been even better. Nico did a strong job today while Lewis was four-tenths faster than his best time until the spin," said Toto. "We will of course have a good look into the cause of the technical problem on the car. We have secured two good starting positions and now we need to have a clean first lap and take our opportunities in the race. It will be a tough race against Lotus in terms of strategy and perhaps even Ferrari. We will be doing all we can to race hard tomorrow and score another good haul of points."