• Silverstone, Friday – Toto: “It was good to do plenty of laps this afternoon”

Nico and Lewis finished the first day of the British Grand Prix weekend in first and fifth places today.

Nico and Lewis were able to evaluate both compounds of dry tyre during this afternoon's dry practice session. Nico completed a heavy fuel long run on the option while Lewis ran the prime tyre for his long run for comparison purposes. Today marked the third consecutive year at Silverstone in which Friday practice was disrupted by wet weather.

“After the wet morning, we had a good session this afternoon and managed to get some useful work done” said Ross on Friday. “The conditions today were cooler than we expect for the rest of the weekend, and the track was very green, so we must be careful with the conclusions we draw from our running.

The unrepresentative conditions today mean that we will be relying on projections in order to choose the right car set-up for Sunday, so if we get that slightly wrong, we may find ourselves hurting in the race.

Today was not too bad in terms of performance and the car had a reasonable balance, which helped us collect some good information on the different tyre compounds with medium and high fuel loads.”

“After it rained through first practice, it was good to do plenty of laps this afternoon and we had a decent session” said Toto. “We can't read too much into the results but we ran slightly different programmes with the drivers to learn as much as possible. Now we need to analyse that data and draw the right conclusions for the rest of the weekend, when we expect quite different conditions to today.”