• IN WORDS: The More Diversity in F1, The Better - Toto

Team Principal and CEO Toto Wolff says the team is very supportive of whatever actions can be brought in to increase diversity in Formula One.

'This is what needs to happen'

The launch of Dare to be Different in Australia on Thursday provided another boost for improving diversity in motorsport and Toto believes much more can be done.

"I think diversity is one thing that is very important not only for Lewis but for all of us," he said in Friday's FIA press conference.

"The more diversity we can get into Formula One the better it is. It would do us some good, make us think differently and be more open-minded.

"As a general mindset we should be supporting diversity. For me personally and for the team, we are very supportive for whatever actions we can deploy.

"We had yesterday an event where we launched Dare to be Different in Australia. That was a good success and whether it is different ethnic backgrounds or girls getting into motor racing, overall I think this is what needs to happen. Eventually this will grow and the balance will be better in future."

'We have to keep on our toes'

No F1 team remains dominant in F1 forever and the gap to our rivals has closed up each season, but our mindset has always been the same.

"At some stage, somebody else picks up the ball and runs faster," Toto admitted. "I think the longer you leave regulations alone, the more convergence happens.

"We have definitely seen that. Every year we have been in these regulations, the gap has become smaller. We just have to be on our toes.

"Every year we try to have a mindset of all points going to zero and you just need to do the same job again.

"We're trying to be energised and motivated, not take anything for granted, respect the other teams and the work they are doing."