• IN WORDS: I Have Huge Confidence in Our People - Toto

Toto talks strategy calls, keeping calm and next steps after a challenging Chinese Grand Prix weekend...

'This is a great group of people'

Another mid-race Safety Car curveball led to another missed opportunity at the Shanghai International Circuit - but Toto is in no doubt the team can bounce back.

"You can see when we hit the sweet spot like we did in Melbourne we are very fast. The pace of the car is very good," he explained. "But we didn't hit it yesterday (Saturday) and today we were just too slow.

"In Formula One there is never a quick fix. You can see how fast the picture can change.

"In testing and in Melbourne you could have predicted that we would run away with the Championship because the car was so dominant. And here we go, three races in, and we're not.

"In my opinion, this is a great group of people. We will stick our heads together, stay calm, get the head down, and come up with solutions.

"I have huge confidence in our people. They've proved that in the past."

'It wasn't the right strategy'

Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull overhauled Valtteri after stopping for fresh Soft tyres during the Safety Car - a call that, with hindsight, Toto admits was the right one.

"We thought at the time that track position would be more beneficial," he said. "You could see that in the first stint there was no overtaking and Lewis was on Mediums at that stage, barely 10 laps old.

"Our calculation predicted the Medium would last to the end and putting a new Soft we thought wouldn't give you such a performance advantage. It was much more than we expected.

"Now, looking back, it wasn't the right strategy. It would have been the right strategy to go with the second Soft. Nobody in the team including myself thought it was the right thing to do.

"The Ferraris and Mercedes decided for the same strategy, we stayed out. I don't think it was a matter of focus, it was a matter of the quickest race. That's what our simulations showed.

"Red Bull made a bold call in pitting them both for Softs. It was interesting to do and it proved to be 100% spot on."