• IN WORDS: There Is No Silver Bullet - Toto

The Boss sums up a weekend where the intensity of the 2018 title battle became clearer than ever...

'You can see the deficits'

The team returned from the break determined to come out on top in the battle with Ferrari. But, when the flag fell on Sunday, it was a red car that took top spot. There's plenty of work ahead in the battle for the 2018 crown...

"First off, on a day like this, you have to question yourself where we can improve," said Toto. "When I look at today's race, I see many deficits. We are a strong team but there are deficits that are obvious that cause us not to perform as we expect and, insofar, it is not about somebody else outperforming us, it is about us finding the clues to understand our underperformance.

"You can see the deficits. It is the slow speed [corners] and it is the traction. This is what I would summarise as the main weaknesses at the moment. Today we were clearly - compared to the Ferraris and the Red Bulls and the Force Indias - the car that was cooking the tyres the most.

"They [Ferrari] have a power advantage. We have seen that yesterday in Qualifying. On various parts of the straight you can see that, even if the exits are not worse than ours, their engine keeps pulling

"Then, you add that to our weaknesses out of Turn 1 especially and that causes the double whammy. If you aren't very good on traction and you are being outperformed slightly on power, then lap one happens."

'There will be tracks where we are definitely the challenger'

Spa was one of the tougher circuits for the team in 2017. So, could this have just been an outlier? And what of our prospects at the eight remaining venues on the calendar?

"The last one [track] where we have been quickest in pure pace was Silverstone," Toto continued. "We have been really good in France and in Austria and since then Ferrari has been quicker. Budapest it was no surprise and Spa was always a bit of a tricky one for us in the past as well.

"I am very curious to see how it is going to go at Monza. Last year, we were very much in control of the whole weekend and Ferrari had their worst weekend of the season performance-wise.

"We will have some tracks that suit us, or that should suit us more. And then there will be tracks where we are definitely the challenger, like Singapore and maybe Mexico. Nevertheless, there are eight more races to go, many points to score and now is the time to really outperform and answer some of the questions."

'P4 was the maximum'

After being relegated to the back of the grid following penalties for taking new Power Unit components, Valtteri fought his way back to a hard-earned fourth place at the flag - a drive that saw many consider him their driver of the day.

"It was a very good performance," Toto assessed. "Obviously, the [broken] wing didn't help at the beginning - but you can see how difficult it is to overtake. There was a stage on Lap 10 or so where it was really difficult to find his way through the field against cars that were maybe two seconds off certain pace.

"We put the other tyre on which wasn't new and he set the quickest lap of the race at the end and eventually finished in P4. This was the maximum that was to be achieved today without a Safety Car mid-race, so I am happy with this performance."

"We owe it to the two men and F1 to not interfere into the racing"

It was another tough weekend for the Finn who now - through no fault of his own - sits a hefty 87 points behind his team-mate in the standings. So, it is time to impose team orders in favour of Lewis? Toto isn't so keen...

"I hate to do that," he said when asked whether the time had come to consider the possibility. "It is completely against my racing instinct. We try to be very neutral to both drivers.

"We haven't done it yet and we haven't discussed it. Let's see how Monza pans out and then we will address the question whether we need to put all force behind one driver. We owe it to the two men and F1 to not interfere into the racing."

'There is no silver bullet'

With the on track battle intensifying by the race, the pressure it on to extract every last ounce of performance from our package at every remaining round. It's going to be all hands on deck behind the wheel, in the garage and back at HQ.

"I think we've made a decent step this weekend and I am happy about what we've seen on track," Toto summarised. "Now it is about optimising the package, the calibration, so I expect this to continue to add performance. Monza should be another good upgrade.

"There is no silver bullet. We won't find any performance that is suddenly going to add three tenths to the car or to the engine and we disappear into the sunset. This is a performance race and this will make all the difference between winning and losing the Championship."