• IN WORDS: We Arrive in Australia with an Open Mind - Valtteri

Finnish F1 ace Valtteri Bottas has arrived in Australia optimistic and open-minded about this weekend's season opener.

'It's very different in Melbourne'

Valtteri feels the new W09 showed encouraging signs during winter testing, but he knows the conditions and circuit characteristics are very different in Melbourne.

"I think we left Barcelona with the feeling that in long runs we performed well, but it's very different here in Melbourne," he explained. "We don't go into the weekend thinking that we have the quickest car because the fact is we don't know.

"We don't know what other teams have brought in terms of upgrades. We don't know how we can operate all the tyre selection we have here with these conditions.

"We are going into this weekend very open-minded in terms of what kind of set-up directions we go in and are aware of the pressure from the other teams.

"The initial feeling with the car was nice but we don't get points for testing. We need to really see how the season develops. This is going to be the first taste of where we are going to be standing.

'This year's, it's more straight forward'

12 months ago, Valtteri travelled to Australia for his first weekend with the team after a frantic few weeks of preparations. This year, it's been a much easier winter and he's ready to go.

"Coming to Melbourne last year was a very different feeling," Valtteri said. "Everything was new. It was my first race with the team and my first time seeing how the team operated over the course of a race weekend. So, what happens in the meetings and the set-up work. There were so many new things but now it's very straight forward.

"Last year I remember being here already on Wednesday at the track, having meetings with the engineers. Now it's more like a standard weekend.

"I can be here on Thursday, have the usual meetings and everything is setup and ready for the weekend.

"All I need to focus on is how I can get the best out of the car on the short runs, long runs and setting up the car in practice."