• INSIGHT: Belgian Grand Prix: Your Questions Answered

Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin answers your Belgian GP queries...

Charles Tanoh - Facebook

- Why was the Safety Car not called straight away after the accident happened?

Andrew Shovlin: "Well, actually the time it took them was quite normal.

"They need a period to look at the incident and understand, can it be handled under yellow flags, does it need a VSC or do they actually need to bring out the Safety Car.

"And also, all the cars that were still racing, so including Lewis and Vettel, had all gone past the incident.

"So, there is actually no danger in them doing that and it is quite normal for them to leave it a little while just to make that assessment."

Ethan (@Tweethanutting) - Twitter

- Did Bottas have any damage after the incident with Sirotkin at the start that affected his pace during the race?

AS: "All the damage in that incidence was isolated to the front wing and we were able to come in, change the front wing.

"We also changed the tyres at that point. The Safety Car meant that you have regrouped and haven't lost any time. So, actually it was pretty minimal impact.

"The car itself, though, was perfectly healthy for the remainder of the race, so there was no cost from damage."

James Hay - Facebook

- With the first lap overtake. Judging that the Force India, with the same engine, briefly overtook, do you think the slipstream effect made it look like Ferrari have a bigger advantage than they actually do?

AS: "Well there is no doubt that the tow effect in Spa is enormous. It is also even bigger if you are towing off two or three cars, which in Force India's case they were able to do in those early stages.

"So, it no doubt will have benefited Vettel on lap one and that will have made them look quicker than they might've been if both cars were in free air.

"But, it was something that we weren't able to benefit from in the same way with Lewis on that Safety Car restart.

"We couldn't get quite close enough to get pulled along in the tow and then make the move end of straight."

Sarvienn (@iamsarvienn) - Instagram

- Did Verstappen significantly compromise the chance for Lewis to get ahead with the undercut?

AS: "In reality, we were really too far back to make a proper undercut work. So, what we were able to do was to bring Ferrari in, meaning that they couldn't just keep extending the stint and have fresher tyres at the end.

"We also managed to actually end up in a pretty good bit of track relative to Verstappen, he didn't hold us up on the straight down into Turn 5, we maybe lost a tiny amount of time through the middle sector but then as you saw we were able to pass as Vettel was coming out of the pits.

"So, on this occasion, it didn't really affect us."

Claire Wilkinson - Facebook

- Did Lewis turn down the engine after the pit stop when it certainly look like Seb had the race in the bag?

AS: "Well, we did, and Lewis often makes those decisions on his own where he is deciding he can't actually challenge, he is wanting to make sure the engine is fresh for the next events it has got to do.

"But, it's pretty normal that people will use the engine power through the race to manage in that way."

Jason Jarrett - Facebook

- It seemed the cars were struggling with traction. Is that an on-going problem or just a one off?

AS: "We will need to see going forward. It was definitely a weakness here.

"We have seen it in other places where it has cost us some time but normally it is not an area that we are losing time to Ferrari.

"So, we will do a bit of investigation back here ahead of Monza, because Monza is another circuit that has got low speed traction."

Johan (cateringboyz) - Instagram

- Did you perhaps go too conservative and add too much wing to the car? Should you not have trimmed out a bit more to or would that have compromised qualifying?

AS: "Well, we did actually, generally drop wing level over the weekend. We were playing around as is normal at Spa.

"You are finding a level that looks good and consistent and that the drivers are happy with. We were pretty happy with the compromise we ended up.

"It would've been good in Qualifying, obviously in the wet you saw we were very strong.

"But, in the race, we weren't quite quick enough and whether we had been lower drag or not, I don't think we would've matched the Ferrari pace."