• IN WORDS: We Need a Clean Weekend - Valtteri

Valtteri says the team is heading into the Chinese Grand Prix hoping for a clean weekend after setbacks at the opening two rounds of the 2018 season

'We know it's a competitive car'

Valtteri fought his way through the field in Australia after a Q3 accident and gearbox change penalty, before hounding Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari right to the chequered flag in Bahrain.

While neither race brought the results the team had hoped for, our Fast Finn knows the W09 is a car that's capable of more.

"The main thing has been that Ferrari are extremely competitive," he explained. "They won the first two races. They were quick in Australia.

"I think in Australia we probably would have had a bigger chance. Then, they both qualified ahead of us in Bahrain and had the upper hand going into the race. Those are the main reasons.

"For sure they have been very different races for us. None of the races have been perfect yet, as a team. We just need a nice clean weekend, we know it's a competitive car but it is close."

'Opportunity to learn'

Despite missing out on the results the team hoped for, Valtteri says there has been plenty to take away and learn from the opening two rounds of the 2018 season.

"We had meetings about that [communication] last night - a good meeting about Bahrain," he admitted. "From today onwards, everything is about this weekend.

"I think it was a race that we have definitely been able to learn something from in terms of feedback from the team and also as a driver.

"If I need information I just need to ask. There has been no blaming within the team. We had the opportunity to actually learn something and improve the communication further to a better level.

"It was an interesting race in terms of strategies and lots of things to think about for the future.

"Afterwards and especially from outside, it is easy to say you should have done that. Normally from each race there is always something you can do better."