• INSIGHT: Five Reasons We're Excited for the Chinese Grand Prix

With back-to-back races, we don't have long to wait for the next dose of Formula One action! Here's why we can't wait for the Chinese GP...

1. Fine Margins

The first two races of 2018 have been decided by fine margins and proved we're in for an intense battle this season. It looks incredibly tight at the front of the pack, with our W09 looking faster in some sessions, the Ferrari appearing quick in others and Red Bull looming in our mirrors too.

So, we head to Shanghai not really knowing what's going to happen next. Who'll have the edge? And most importantly, who will emerge victorious on Sunday? It looks like it'll ebb and flow throughout the course of the season.

Of course, we've got our eyes set on first place in China. But there's no denying the excitement that comes with unpredictability and a pecking order that's closely-matched at the top. We need to bring our A game - but everyone else will be doing the same.

Let's see who triumphs in Shanghai.

2. Passing Promise

Bahrain showcased how exciting F1 races can be with these new 2018 cars, with plenty of overtakes, battles and drama to keep even the most casual fans on the edge of their seats. The Chinese GP usually produces interesting action and we're expecting more of the same this weekend.

The track's a bit more twisty and flowing compared to Sakhir but it also features the longest straight in F1 and some big braking zones. It lends itself pretty well to passing and side-by-side action - plus Pirelli's tyre picks should throw up a variety of strategies too.

3. Happy Hunting Ground

Sometimes drivers just click with certain tracks - and that's certainly the case with Lewis and the Shanghai International Circuit. He's always performed well in China.

There's something about the flowing, sweeping nature of the track that seems to suit Lewis' driving style and it's made the Chinese GP one of his most successful races.

When it comes to wins, China is tied with Hungary and Great Britain as Lewis' second most successful F1 race (he has six victories in Canada and the USA).

But, alongside Australia, it's his most successful race when it comes to podium finishes: he's appeared in the top three on eight occasions.

It's also been a track that the team has fared well at in the past. We've taken five wins, nine podiums and six pole positions from eight starts. And how we'd love to add to those tallies in 2018...

4. Jumping Compounds

One of the most intriguing features of Pirelli's 2018 F1 tyre picks so far is the step between compounds for the Chinese GP, which should open up some interesting strategy choices and variations on race day.

Pirelli has opted for the Medium and Soft compounds, which were used in Bahrain, but rather than going for the SuperSoft, it has skipped the red-marked tyre altogether and opted for the UltraSoft instead.

We haven't seen this before with Pirelli's tyre choices, so it's a bit of an unknown. It has the potential to mix up the strategy options and that's a promising prospect. As Bahrain proved, more tactical choices can have a notable impact on the track action.

5. Fantastic Fans

The F1 circus travels to some incredible locations, each with their own unique army of fans. The Chinese fanatics are some of the most enthusiastic, excited and knowledgeable of the lot and that always makes for a great atmosphere across the weekend.

The autograph signing sessions are always packed, occasionally they'll bring gifts and sometimes fans travel to the airport to meet the drivers fresh off the plane to kick-start their Chinese GP weekend with a healthy dose of support.

That passion and encouragement means a lot to drivers and teams - but even more so when they're approaching the second stint of gruelling back-to-back flyaway races.