• IN WORDS: Important for Us to Stay Focused - Toto

The Boss reflects on a remarkable weekend for the team in Japan

'You either have it in your hands, or you don't'

The 1-2 finish for Lewis and Valtteri at the Suzuka Circuit was probably the closest we have come to a perfect weekend this season.

And while it has increased our advantage in both the Drivers' and Constructors' standings, Toto has urged us all to stay focused and take the rest of the season one step at a time.

"I think it's important to stay concentrated," he explained. "I don't believe in having your hands on the trophy, because you either have it in your hands or you don't. And we haven't got either of them in our hands.

"So, the way we approach things is race by race and try to optimise the car for every weekend, and then really take it as an ambitious target to perform on all tracks, in all kinds of conditions.

"Take every single race weekend as a new Championship, from Friday to Sunday. And this has worked so far.

"Anything can happen in motor racing, so let's go to Austin, let's have a strong race weekend and then hopefully seal the Championship."

'The car is in a really good position'

After the disappointment of the Belgian Grand Prix, we made it our goal to improve the versatility of the W09, with Monza, Singapore and Suzuka being three good examples of tracks with completely different characteristics.

If we could be strong at all three of those circuits, we'd reached our goal. Amazingly, thanks to the hard work and determination of our team, that's what has happened.

"We've made a big step forward since Spa," Toto said. "Monza, Singapore, and now here [Japan], three very different tracks and we took it as an ambition to perform at all three.

"To prove to ourselves that we are capable of delivering a car on every sort of track, the high-speed Monza racetrack, the twisty hot Singapore city circuit, and then Suzuka, which has a bit of everything.

"And I think now we have the car in a really good position. We understand how the aero works with the tyres.

"The drivers really feel good and have a lot of confidence in the car, and all that together I think has made us outperform our competitors."

'It's always a combination...'

But, how have those strides forward and improvements been made? Did we turn the factory upside down or was it updates we already had in the pipeline for the rest of the season?

As Toto admits, it's a combination of both, and a mixture of a variety of other things too, which have helped us understand W09 better and bring updates to the car that have worked.

"It's always a combination of developments that are in the pipeline and that take a long time, but equally finding clues too," Toto said.

"And, I was just discussing that with the engineers. I sent an email after Spa where we said, 'we are just not giving up, this is not a Championship we are going to lose, we need to understand why we have been outperformed'.

"So, it's development, research, analysis, mindset, work ethic, fun."