• IN WORDS: Red Bull and Ferrari Favourites For Monaco - Toto

Toto talks turning points, unique challenges and testing the team to its limits ahead of Round 6 in Monaco.

'Staying cautious for Monaco'

Lewis and Valtteri's 1-2 finish in Spain was an incredible result for the team, but Toto doesn't see it as a turning point in our season and knows Monaco will be challenging this weekend.

"Our first 1-2 of the season in Barcelona felt great," he explained. "The car was quick, looked after its tyres and both drivers were positive about the balance and handling.

"But we're not thinking about it as a turning point - the track layout, surface and conditions all suited our car and played into our hands.

"So, we are staying cautious with our predictions as we head to Monaco. It's a circuit that gives us completely different challenges - and unique ones, too.

"Last year, it became a weekend of damage limitation when we didn't find the right set-up. It was a painful lesson from us and we are determined to show that we have learned it this year."

'Test the team to its limits'

Toto admits we don't head into the weekend as the leading contender for Monaco and is anticipating an intense run of races for the team, as the European season kicks in.

"We don't head into the weekend as favourites - they are Red Bull and Ferrari," he said. "Red Bull are strong in the slow-speed corners and where straight-line speed is less important, while Ferrari dominated last year.

"Our job is to deliver a smooth practice programme, apply our learning from recent races and maximise the potential of the car, whatever that proves to be.

"We are now starting the heart of the season, with seven races ahead in the next ten weekends.

"We will race on a broad range of circuits before the summer break, with races coming thick and fast.

"This will test the team to its limits - and any weaknesses will be harshly punished in the points. We are clear-sighted about the challenge ahead of us and determined to prevail."