• INSIGHT: Five Reasons We’re Excited for the Singapore Grand Prix

We can't wait to be back in Singapore and here's why!

1. Under the Lights

There really is no place like the Marina Bay Street Circuit. As the action takes place on bumpy city roads surrounded by punishing barriers, there's no margin for error. Even the smallest of mistakes can have heavy consequences.

It's an intense, twisty and technical layout featuring predominantly slow corners, but with a few sweeping turns (mainly in the middle sector) thrown in and a couple of long straights too. Hooking up a lap of the Marina Bay Street Circuit is no easy task. The dusty track surface is constantly evolving, while hot and humid conditions make it one of the toughest rounds on the calendar in the cockpit.

Of course, what makes the Singapore GP even more spectacular is that all of the racing happens under beaming floodlights. It's the original F1 night race, with 1,500 trackside lights shining down on the action, illuminating the circuit against the dark skies of night.

2. Glitz and Glamour

The Singapore Grand Prix is always one of the most glitzy and glamorous races on the F1 calendar, but this also means it's one of the busiest for teams - with famous faces, VIPs and sponsors flocking to the event to experience the sights and sounds of F1. Each day, we'll be looking after over 320 guests!

The cityscape provides one of the most spectacular backdrops of the season, with the track passing some of Singapore's iconic landmarks - including the Singapore Flyer and Supreme Court. Lapping the circuit also includes driving over the historic Anderson Bridge.

As a place to visit, it's one of the most popular among the F1 circus, with impressive hospitality, great food and plenty of places to explore. It's a beautiful city with a bustling, exciting vibe. The end-of-day concerts are pretty impressive, too, with 2018's line-up including The Killers and Dua Lipa.

3. Tricky Timezones

F1's trip to Singapore marks the end of the European season, with the second batch of flyaways rounding out the year. Heading off to the flyaway rounds, in interesting and exotic locations on the other side of the world, is always an exciting time - especially as the title race heats up.

Singapore is a bit of an unusual one when it comes to flyaway races, though. Due to it being a night race, with all sessions taking place late in the day, everyone stays on European time.

A typical schedule for someone in the F1 paddock is to wake up around lunch time, have breakfast in the early afternoon and lunch in the evening. Dinner is then in the early hours of the morning, before heading to bed shortly before sunrise.

To find out more about how F1 teams stay in tip top shape during the season, check out our feature on it here.

4. Important Milestones

This year's Singapore Grand Prix marks 10 years since the night race debuted on the F1 schedule. It's produced many memorable moments over the years, from impressive battles on the city streets to surprise winners and unusual results.

We are tied with Red Bull for the most race wins in Singapore, with three each. Our Silver Arrows finished on the top step of the podium in 2014 (Lewis Hamilton), 2016 (Nico Rosberg) and 2017 (Lewis Hamilton).

Just like past Singapore GPs, this season has proved you never know what's going to happen next in F1. What will the 11th Singapore GP bring? Let's find out!

5. Special Edition

Four special edition Lewis Hamilton caps are being released this season, with the Pink 2018 Monaco Cap and Blue 2018 British Cap soon being joined by the Red 2018 Singapore Cap.

It's the penultimate cap from the collection, which commemorates Lewis' favourite races of the 2018 F1 season. Singapore's is in an eye-catching plum red with pink detailing.

Hopefully we'll see plenty of special edition caps being worn at the Marina Bay Street Circuit and future races too! Want to get yours? Shop here.

Event Guide:

Key timings for events at the track, for those of you in Singapore and wanting to keep up from home!







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