• Advanti


Advantiā„¢ Racing Alloy Wheels, a name synonymous with style and quality, is the proprietary brand of YHI International Limited, an established distributor of automotive and industrial products and a trusted name as an original design manufacturer in alloy wheels manufacturing.

The YHI Manufacturing Group started with its first plant in Taiwan, evolving to 5 plants today located in Shanghai and Suzhou, China, Taoyuan in Taiwan and Sepang and Malacca, Malaysia.

YHI International Limited, is a Singapore company listed on the Singapore Exchange since 2003, operating through its 29 subsidiaries and an associated company, has a wide international presence spanning over 100 countries.

Advantiā„¢ Racing F1 wheels are designed and produced in Italy by OZ Spa, the iconic Italian company, the only brand able to develop the state of the art of wheels in terms of performance, quality, reliability and design.