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2023 Sustainability Report: Key Facts & Highlights

Our recently published 2023 Sustainability Report outlines the steps the Team is taking to achieve our goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable professional sports team.

There is still plenty to be done, but here are just some of the key highlights from our report.

Reducing Our Emissions on the Road

As we continue to strive towards a Net Zero future, lowering our emissions whilst continuing to perform at our best on track and at the factory is crucial.

  • Following our investment in Sustainable Aviation Fuel, we have reduced our air travel emissions by over 2,628 tonnes of CO2.

  • Our trial of HVO100 biofuel in our race trucks during the final three races of the 2022 European season reduced freight travel emissions for those races by 88%.

The successful start to our journey to reduce our travel emissions make us excited about future working with sustainable fuels.

Reducing Our Emissions at Home

At our Brackley factory, we have also taken steps to ensure we are moving towards our environmental sustainability goals.

  • We diverted 98% of waste from landfill to energy recovering and recycling, as well a 13% reduction in gas consumption in 2022 as we move towards full electrification.

  • We are seeing results at an individual level, too, with a 34% reduction in water consumption and a 10% reduction in energy per team member achieved since 2018.

  • At the start of 2023 we launched the LiftShare App to help our team members identify ways of reducing their environmental impact on their commute.

  • We currently have 230 members on the scheme helping us save 184,000 miles of single car journeys which is the equivalent of seven journeys around the circumference of the earth!

Increasing Diversity

Our Accelerate 25 programme aims to change the future landscape of both our team and the motorsport industry by opening up our sport to a more diverse community. Set up in 2020, Accelerate 25 aims to ensure at least 25% of all new starters come from under-represented groups in each year up to 2025.

  • In the first six months of 2023, we have seen 37% of new team members join from under-represented groups.

  • At the end of 2022, over 16.6% of our team members are female, and 8.9% are minority ethnic groups.

  • We are also helping to inspire the younger generations into STEM careers through our ongoing partnerships with the Mulberry Schools Trust, AFBE-UK, Stemettes, Business Disability Forum and the Sutton Trust.


Our Partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK concluded in Spring 2023, with a grand total of £140,000 raised for charity. £94,000 of this came from the fundraising efforts of team members, with a further £50,000 through indirect activities such as charity auctions.


We continue to support local initiatives close to home in Brackley too, with grants provided to organisations such as the Brackley Elves Community Group, and the Helping You Live programme, which supports the town’s lowest-income families.

To read the full report, visit our Sustainability page.