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Eager to Be Back on Track in Baku

Everyone's eager to be back on track in Baku, with more excitement and more action ahead for the fans.

Following on from a short break in the calendar, Formula One is back this weekend in Azerbaijan. As the Team makes the journey to Baku, Toto shares his thoughts on what’s ahead, including the debut of a new Sprint format.

"We've had a few weeks off from racing but both factories have been hard at work," Toto said. "We've tried to maximise this period, bringing planned development to the car and extracting as much as possible from our learnings so far.

"Australia showed that we are making progress, although we need to be cautious about reading too much into a single result. But the signs in Melbourne were still encouraging and that has been a good motivator for the whole team heading into this gap in the calendar.

"Over the next races, we want to keep on making small steps forward. The car will continue to evolve in the coming weeks, as we steadily bring performance and upgrades to the track. We’re excited to see their impact, but we know there is no magic bullet.

After just under a month with no F1 action, everyone's eager to be back out on track.

Toto Wolff

"After just under a month with no F1 action, everyone’s eager to be back out on track. Thankfully we’ve got plenty of that coming up. It’s a busy window in the calendar with five races in six weekends, starting with Azerbaijan.

"The racing in Baku is always dramatic and entertaining. It's a challenging track with the walls close, so there’s no room for error. We also have our first F1 Sprint weekend of the season with a tweaked format.

"It’s an interesting challenge for us to tackle, with only a single practice session to be ready for two qualifying sessions and races spread across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully this will mean more excitement and action for fans to enjoy."