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Enhancing the Future of Engineering: Celebrating INWED 2024

The team joined forces with Girls on Track UK to provide 50 young girls an exclusive day of STEAM activities in Brackley last weekend, marking International Women in Engineering Day 2024.

The group of 8-14 year olds, relatives of team members in Brackley, got stuck into a wide range of activities, including a pitstop and Batak challenge, a TV presenting skills workshop, and a LEGO car build and code as part of the Enhanced by Engineering theme.

There was also a factory tour, and numerous Q&A sessions hosted by team members from HR and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Head of Race Strategy Rosie Wait, to enjoy.

After the session, Rosie then headed straight to our Race Support Room to lead the team during Spanish Grand Prix qualifying later in the afternoon.

Rosie said: “My favourite part of the day was seeing the kids’ faces light up when we were getting close up to the car and trophies.

“It really helped the concept of engineering come alive for them, and added a bit more excitement over what their parents do all day – it is not just meetings and looking at numbers!”

And Rosie’s advice for the girls going forward?

“Focus on the three things that only you can answer: ‘What doing I enjoy?’, ‘What is important to me?’, ‘What am I good at?’

“Once you understand these three things you can end up doing something that will keep exciting you.”

But do not just take our word for how impactful the day was, let’s hear from the girls themselves!

We caught up with a small group to hear more about their experience.

Ivy: “I learned that even though each part of the racing car is big, the car is quite small!

“I really enjoyed getting to know the other girls, as well as the media challenge. There were so many different roles, and I got to be the boss!”

Elsie: “I liked the pit stop challenge because you had to be fast to make the car go quick. I have learned so much. I would love to work in F1 in the future.”

Abby: “It has been so cool to be here today, seeing everything and meeting everyone.

“I have made so many new friends, and the activities really helped me grow my confidence through the day.”

Annabelle: “After today, I could see myself in motorsport one day. I would love to get involved in the designing part of it all. It would give me a chance to be creative.”

Like so many of our EDI events, our day with Girls on Track was focused on the future.

Engineering is still a male-dominated field, and only 16.5% of engineers in the UK are female at present.

Chief People Officer Anca Raines, who addressed the group at the beginning of the day, added:

“Our INWED event with Girls on Track was a fantastic way to celebrate the achievements that women engineers have contributed to society.

“I hope the activities undertaken and stories heard will inspire the next generation of trailblazing women in engineering and motorsport.”

Girls on Track UK Programme Manager Jenny Fletcher added: “One of the biggest issues with young girls having an interest in motorsport is the lack of visibility, so for the girls to be at the heart of the team for INWED was incredible.

“To see is to believe, and that is the power of relationships such as the one we have with Mercedes."

Enjoy the best pictures from the day below!

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