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F1 Sim Racing World Championship: Everything You Need to Know

With the Formula One world championship well under way, it’s time for the virtual world to take centre stage once again.

Our Mercedes F1 Esports team are off to Stockholm this week for the next six races of the 2023-2024 F1 Sim Racing World Championship.

We’ve rounded up everything you need to know ahead of the event below.


The F1 Sim Racing World Championship sees the best Esports Drivers in the world compete against each other on some of the world’s most iconic tracks.

The remaining 11 races of the season will take place in Stockholm over the next two weeks in two three-day blocks.

Racers will take place with all drivers sat in their simulators alongside one another on stage, playing on the same network, known as a LAN event.

This is different from last years’ championship which saw teams compete from their own bases on their own connections – known as an online event.


Two-time F1 Esports world champion Jarno Opmeer will represent the team in Sweden. He will be joined by Dani Bereznay and Jake Benham.

All three drivers are eager to get going once more this season.

“I am super excited for the season to continue and aim for the championship! We have been preparing as much as we can in the past couple of weeks,” said Jarno.

“I am buzzing to get back out there and fights for wins and podiums. That will hopefully help us be in a good position in the Constructors at the end of the season,” added Jake.

“We have never had an event with this much action. The preparation has been more than any other in my life before,” said Dani.


Each day in Stockholm will consist of two races. Each event will consist of a qualifying and a race. All race distances are 50% of a Formula One Grand Prix.

The points system for each race will also mirror that of a Grand Prix: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 for the top 10 finishers.

One point will be awarded for pole position and fastest lap if the driver has finished in the top 10, as in F1.


Below are the dates and times for the races coming up this week. All times are CEST

April 10 (Saudi Arabia and Austria)

1210: Saudi Arabia qualifying

1415: Austria qualifying

1710: Saudi Arabia race, 25 laps

1915: Austria race, 36 laps

April 11 (Great Britain and Belgium)

1210: Great Britain qualifying

1415: Belgium qualifying

1710: Great Britain race, 26 laps

1915: Belgium race, 22 laps

April 12 (Netherlands and Austin)

1210: Netherlands qualifying

1415: USA qualifying

1710: Netherlands race, 36 laps

1915: USA race, 28 laps

What…. Has Happened Already?

The opening round of the season took place at the end of 2023 around Bahrain. A brilliant drive from Jarno saw him climb through the field from P9 on the grid to finish P2 at the flag.

Behind, a solid race from Dani Bereznay saw the Hungarian claim a P6 finish, leaving the team joint top of the Constructors standings on 26 points with Ferrari, and Kick F1 (previously Alfa Romeo).

How (can I watch?)

All three days will be broadcast live on the Official Formula One YouTube channel, as well as on Twitch and Facebook.

You can go behind the scenes with the team in Stockholm too by following our Esports Team social channels:

Twitter: @MercedesF1Esp

Instagram: mercedesf1esports

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