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Five Things to Listen Out for in F1: Back @ Base

Make sure you tune in to the eight-part podcast series following us over the winter.

It’s been a busy off-season. The men and women that make up our team have been hard at work in Brackley and Brixworth. The journey of designing, building, and ultimately racing an F1 car is complex and fascinating. It’s a part of the F1 story that’s rarely told. Until now.

We let the BBC join us over the winter to tell this story in depth. Broadcasters Holly Samos and Sarah Holt are your guides with actor Joseph Fiennes narrating.

The first four episodes of the F1: Back @ Base podcast are now out and available to listen on BBC sounds.

1. The Team’s Homecoming

After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the team heads back to Brackley and Brixworth. On a high having clinched second in the Constructors’ Championship, Toto, Lewis, and Mick share time with the staff and reflect on the year.

2. Go Inside the Wind Tunnel

One of the most technically sensitive areas of the factory, Back @ Base takes you inside the wind tunnel. Join Kathryn Richards, Wind Tunnel Technician, who reveals its secrets and its special name…

3. Behind-the-Scenes of a Crash Test

A critical part of the journey of the winter: passing crash tests. They’re dramatic occurrences as various parts of the car are put through their paces, all in the name of safety. In the podcast, you’ll hear what it’s like to prepare, attend, and pass a crash test. Not to be missed!

4. Join the Pit Crew

Every element of our operations is worked on and honed over the winter. And that includes pit stops! Join our Sporting Director Ron Meadows and find out the hard yards that are put in over the off-season to get ready for those adrenaline-inducing stops during each and every Grand Prix.

5. Hear From Lewis

Of course there was huge news at the start of February. Go inside the team as the story is shared with team members and of course, hear from Lewis himself.