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Ways We're Being Sustainable at Our Factory

Our Team aims to embed sustainability into every action we take, whether at track or at home in Brackley.

This commitment has seen many positive steps, with recent recertification of our ISO14001 Environmental Management System and FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation highlighting the work done on environmental protection at Brackley.

We know there’s more to be done though. Here are just five of the ways we’re currently implementing our sustainability vision at our factory, and a glimpse of what is to come

Reusable Bottles

Every one of our Team members here in Brackley has been provided with a reusable water bottle and cup. This will help us reduce our waste onsite by 200 coffee cups a day, which over the course of a 260-day working year equates to 52,000 cups.

If all of those cups were lined up next to each other it would be almost a full lap of Silverstone (5.8km or 3.6 miles) or 1143 of our W14 E PERFORMANCE 2023 race cars lined up back-to-back!


Since the start of 2023, we have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading car share platforms to help lower our carbon footprint and environmental impact, whilst reducing commuting costs.

The scheme allows our Team members to find team-mates to share the commute to and from Brackley with, and we are already seeing the difference in reducing our emissions.

Since its implementation, we have saved over 85,000 miles of car journeys. This figure is the equivalent of 448 Formula One race distances (over 20 seasons!) and is the same as travelling around the world twice.


For the final three races of the 2022 European season, our Team trialled the use of biofuels in 16 of our Mercedes Actros Gigaspace race trucks. The 1400 kilometres covered successfully reduced our road freight emissions on the journey by 89%.

As we continue to strive towards further reducing our carbon emissions and achieving verified Net Zero by 2030, these results will serve as a crucial part of our strategy. The aim is to maximise the use of sustainable fuels for the 2023 European races and beyond, with every key logistical journey starting right here in Brackley as we move our freight across the continent.

Investing in Our People

Our Sustainability Team is now made up of four team members since its creation in November 2021. Their focus is not just to find ways of being more sustainable as a team, but to champion the topic and ensure sustainability is owned by all at the factory.

A key element of our strategy is to upskill team members, providing insight and understanding to help embed sustainability into all activities. This includes regular communications to all staff, workshops, learning sessions and more. Sustainability is a daily topic of conversation in Brackley, not an afterthought.

We know the dedication required to be pioneers and not just leaders. We strive to be a team of problem solvers and we continue to set ourselves challenges on how to be more sustainable across every element – in the car and outside of it.