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IN WORDS: What do you Love Most About F1?

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we thought we'd ask our fans what they love most about Formula One. The response? From the hilarious to the heartwarming... pure loved-up brilliance!

'I love the fact that F1 is the pinnacle of the Motorsport formula ladder'

"I love the fact that F1 is the pinnacle of the Motorsport formula ladder. It brings some of the fastest drivers in the world to compete for the ultimate CV. I also love the travel aspect of it. For engineers and dedicated fans, travelling the world to each race is special in itself and if I had the money I'd definitely fly to every weekend.

"Also, I love the engineering / driving side. So much work goes into the cars and the driver has to undergo some serious training in order to tame the car and that is something that I admire about this sport. The relentless teamwork and team spirit within each team is something that I love and want to be a part of in the future."

Jack Smith - Facebook

Jo Hawson - Facebook

'The speed and beauty of the cars, the bravery of the drivers, the history and the heroes but most of all the work done by the whole team to produce such an exhilarating spectacle!'

Kathy Hopper - Facebook

Lee Haydon - Facebook

'Because racecar spelt backwards is still racecar...'

James White - Facebook

Natalie Vandersluis - Facebook

'It teaches us so many simple things which we can follow in our life and be a good person in this world.'

"I love F1 because of many reasons. It tells us how far we've reached in terms of technology. The skills F1 racers have to acquire, the teamwork, always to be fully focused on what you're doing, having the attitude to never give up along with respect for other racers by not being dirty on the track. The hard work racers have to do in order to be in shape for racing, the quick decision making and incredible reaction time, the celebration after a race victory etc. It teaches us so many simple things which we can follow in our life and be a good person in this world."

Devang Valera - Instagram

'I love F1 because is something that I can see with my boyfriend and both enjoy it, is something we have in common.'

Martina Regueiro - Instagram

tgexplores - Instagram

'The emotions behind every race and driver, that's one thing to love, but mostly the passion of every driver in every race.'

Morales Javier - Instagram

John Wodnick - Instagram

'It‘s all about lovely people, fans, engineers, drivers and more who share the same passion.'

“Teams working on the limit achieving this one goal together, the thrill of driving on the absolute limit squeezing out the fastest lap you can, the bravery to battle it out at 300+kph, the ever-present constant of change, the build-up to lights out…”

Sibrand Hoekstra – Twitter

@MarvinSwez – Twitter

I've met so many amazing people who I'm proud to call my friends thanks to F1. We now travel the world together for F1. You guys are also incredible and give us so much appreciation, as fans. That honestly means everything.'

Antonela - Twitter

'We love it because it gives us a great excuse to get out there and create new memories together!'

Marie Riggall - Twitter

'It's full of passion from all sides - drivers, teams, fans - and while there's rivalry there's also respect. You learn to expect the unexpected on a race weekend, which makes for intrigue and excitement. Plus the drivers I've met have been lovely and had time for their fans.'

Sophie - Twitter

'Love is when you can't imagine living without that someone/something and I can't imagine life without F1.'

Misshka - Twitter