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INEOS and Daimler To Trial Europe's First Heavy Duty Liquid Hydrogen Truck

INEOS, Principal Partner and shareholder of our team, and Daimler Truck AG, part of the Mercedes-Benz Group, have today announced a groundbreaking new sustainability project.

INEOS Inovyn and Daimler Truck AG are working together to run their first customer trial fleet of Mercedes-Benz Gen GenH2 trucks in Germany.

Along with Amazon, Air Products, Holcim and Wiedmann & Winz, INEOS will test a new hydrogen-powered truck with its customers.

Running from mid-2024 for 12 months, the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 trucks are the first heavy duty liquid hydrogen trucks in Europe, able to carry up to 25 tonnes of PVC product with a range of more than 1,000km.

INEOS Inovyn is one of the largest operators of electrolysis technology, producing 60,000 tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen annually across multiple sites.

As both a user and producer of hydrogen, it puts us in a unique position at the heart of Europe's hydrogen transformation.

"INEOS Inovyn is Europe's leading producer of vinyls, which makes thousands of customer deliveries each month. We are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions and hydrogen fuel-cell trucks can play a significant role in helping us achieve this," said Wouter Bleukx, INEOS Inovyn's Business Manager for Vinyls.

"It also provides an opportunity for customers to reduce their own carbon footprint, and be one of the first to benefit from this exciting new technology," he added.

The trial allows INEOS Inovyn and logistics partner VERVAEKE, who will manage the transport to our customers, to understand fuel-cell technology in daily operations.

The truck uses liquid hydrogen as a fuel which will be tested under real-life conditions.

Frédéric Derumeaux, CEO of VERVAEKE said: "This test reinforces the partnership that has existed between VERVAEKE and INEOS Inovyn for many years.

"Our two companies share the same vision: to actively encourage technological innovation and use it to reduce our ecological footprint. We are delighted to have their confidence to collaborate on a groundbreaking project that promotes sustainability."

The customer-trial fleet marks the next step to help decarbonize transportation using hydrogen-powered trucks.

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