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Lewis Heads Back to School with PETRONAS

Seven-time World Champion explored developmental green technologies at PETRONAS Global Technology Centre in London earlier this week

It was back to school for Lewis on Tuesday as he visited Imperial College London with our Title and Technical Partner PETRONAS. He was shown around their Global Technology Centre located on the university's campus, and provided with insight into PETRONAS' work developing green technologies that support the reduction of greenhouse gases.

PETRONAS Chemical Engineering students based at the central London educational institution also had the chance to spend some time with Lewis. He took part in a live demonstration with PETRONAS funded students who have come from Malaysia to study at Imperial College London, learning about the skills that will be essential in their future careers as chemical engineers.

PETRONAS, and the Team, have always been committed to talent development and technology research that creates a positive social impact.

Lewis Hamilton

"PETRONAS, and the Team, have always been committed to talent development and technology research that creates a positive social impact," said Lewis. "It was interesting to see first-hand how PETRONAS is working with Imperial College London on co-developing some of tomorrow's technologies and having the chance to speak with some of the PETRONAS funded Malaysian students about their experiences here in the UK," he continued.

During his visit to the Global Technology Centre, Lewis was taken to key facilities such as the Carbon Capture Pilot Plant, where research is taking place on capturing and storing carbon dioxide before it can be released into the atmosphere. He also explored the sustainable battery technology laboratory, where green carbon materials are being developed.

"It was brilliant to have Lewis visit the university and to witness the vital research taking place here, along with providing the opportunity for PETRONAS students to demonstrate first-hand the work that they are doing here at Imperial College London," commented Norhayati Hashim, CEO of Petronas Research. "This partnership truly highlights PETRONAS' commitment to addressing the energy transition responsibly, along with its dedication to developing talent within engineering subjects," he added.

The research centre, established in 2018, is a strategic partnership between PETRONAS and Imperial College London, which aims to research and advance new energy solutions through green technologies. Using computational modelling, coupled with advanced experiments and chemical synthesis, the centre supports PETRONAS' commitment of pursuing technological advances to address the energy transition responsibly.