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Pride Month: How We Celebrated in 2024

Pride month is about acceptance, equality and celebrating the work of LGBTQ+ people in motorsport and around the world.

Trackside and back home, here’s how we marked the month as we continue our important diversity and inclusion efforts here in Brackley.

Factory Signage

Our messaging of our internal intent for Pride month started right at the front of the factory, as we displayed the progress flag on our factory entrance sign, visible to all passers-by on foot and road.

All of our building entry signs on campus in Brackley also displayed the progress flag.

Team Talk

In the middle of the month, we were delighted to host a panel session and workshop with Racing Pride in our Race Bays.

Team members were able to hear the guest speakers’ experience of coming out and the support they received, how we can intervene in unhelpful behaviour, and how as a team we can continue to try and create an open culture that empowers everyone to be their true selves.

Quiz Nights

Earlier in the month, we hosted an LGBTQ+ Quiz Night organised by our LGBTQ+ committee. Set up as an informal social gathering, the event allowed team members to get together in the local community.

Team BBQ

The month ended with a Team BBQ, as we invited everyone at the factory to enjoy a special lunch throughout the course of the afternoon.

Racing Pride were in attendance again, and representatives Lucy Ball-Wood and Chris Stevens spent the event chatting to our team-mates and encouraging them to sign-up to become Racing Pride members.


Our Pride month initiatives have focused strongly on education, awareness and inclusion for our team members back in Brackley, but we have kept that messaging going trackside as well.

For the three races in June (Canada, Spain, and Austria) we ran the three-pointed star in Pride colours on W15’s front wing – the third year in a row we’ve done this. Both George and Lewis ran the same design on the top of their race helmets, too.

The star on the top of the halo also ran in Pride colours.

Pride Impact

The hard work of our team members to roll out all these initiatives has seen an increase in the size of our LGBTQ+ committee.

Head of Equality, Diversion, and Inclusion Hiran Odedra said: “June has been an action-packed month for the team, and I am proud of how the team has celebrated and supported our LGBTQ+ team members and the wider community.

“The LGBTQ+ committee expansion over the month and the important conversations that have been raised indicates how important Pride Month is.

“But it is of course about much more than just a month. Our ongoing diversity and inclusion initiatives aim to create an inclusive culture at Brackley and Brixworth in which everyone can thrive and be their authentic selves.”

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