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Quiz: Streaks and Records

Sixty-two Grands Prix – our longest points-scoring streak in Formula One.

Points in Saudi Arabia earlier this month meant we matched the previous record, but the streak unfortunately came to an end in Australia.

Think you know your Mercedes records and streaks? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Question 1

Q: When was the team’s last non-scoring Formula One race before the 2024 Australian Grand Prix?

Question 2

Q: Lewis currently holds the record for the longest points-scoring streak in F1. How many consecutive races in the points did he achieve?

Question 3

Q: Mercedes’ longest F1 win streak is 10. How many times has this been achieved?

Question 4

Q: George started his first full season with us with consecutive race finishes inside the top five. How long was the streak?

Question 5

Q: The F1 record for most consecutive wins at the same Grand Prix is held by Mercedes. But at which race?

Question 6

Q: Which of the following Formula One records does the team also currently hold?

Question 7

Q: Lewis holds the record for most consecutive Grand Prix starts. How long was the streak?

Question 8

Q: What milestone did Mercedes Benz Power reach at the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

Question 9

Q: Lewis and Ayrton Senna hold the record for most consecutive wins at a single Grand Prix with five. Where did Lewis achieve this?

Question 10

Q: Mercedes achieved the only 1-2-3-4 in Formula One history at the 1955 British Grand Prix. Who won the race?