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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of F1 Street Circuits

There is no doubt about it, street tracks are cool. Watching drivers manoeuvre their machines from corner to corner while mere inches away from the Armco barriers is always a sight to behold.

F1 has transformed so many cities over the years with some epic temporary circuits, testing every aspect of a driver’s skillset.

Once again, it is our turn to test you. Let’s see how much you know about Formula One street circuits past and present.

Question 1

Q: In total, how many different street circuits have hosted a Formula One Grand Prix?

Question 2

Q: Monaco was the first street track to appear on the F1 calendar in the sports first season in 1950. Where was the second?

Question 3

Q: The Miami Grand Prix takes place around the iconic Hard Rock Stadium. How many times has the venue hosted the NFL Superbowl?

Question 4

Q: Which of these US cities has not hosted an F1 race on a street track?

Question 5

Q: Which of these street circuits has the longest lap (in km)?

Question 6

Q: Where did Lewis take his first race win on a street circuit?

Question 7

Q: Until the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, which street race held the record for the shortest Grand Prix in F1 history?

Question 8

Q: What two names have the Grand Prix run around the streets of Baku in Azerbaijan been known as?

Question 9

Q: Lewis holds the record for most different tracks won at in F1 with 31. How many of these are street circuits?

Question 10

Q: What name was given to the famous chicane at Marina Bay in Singapore, that was removed from the layout before the 2013 race?

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