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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of F1 at Imola

One of the most historic and technical tracks on the calendar, the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari tests every aspect of a car and driver.

This week we are testing your knowledge of all things Imola. Play along and as always don't forget to tell us how you did on socials!

Question 1

Q: Which three Grand Prix has the circuit at Imola hosted during its time on the F1 calendar?

Question 2

Q: Which two drivers have taken victory at Imola powered by a Mercedes engine?

Question 3

Q: Which F1 world champion took their first pole position at Imola in 2004?

Question 4

Q: When did the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari first appear on the F1 calendar?

Question 5

Q: The Imola pit lane is the longest in F1. But how long in metres is it?

Question 6

Q: What milestone did the Team achieve at Imola in 2020?

Question 7

Q: Who holds the record for most wins at Imola?

Question 8

Q: Where did George finish in his first Grand Prix for the team at Imola in 2022?

Question 9

Q: How many different drivers have claimed an F1 victory at Imola?

Question 10

Q: Which two German drivers took their maiden win at the Imola circuit?

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