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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix. When F1 returns home every summer. Having hosted the first world championship race in 1950, Silverstone is firmly etched into our sport’s history books like no other track in the world.

To celebrate this year’s Grand Prix, and the fact the event is somewhat of a home race for our team, we have put together a bumper British GP quiz for you to take on.

As always, good luck. Let us know how you get on…

Question 1

Q: Which British F1 driver famously secured pole position, fastest lap and the race win at the 1955 British Grand Prix – in a Mercedes?

Question 2

Q: How many times has Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix?

Question 3

Q: In which junior series did George take victory at Silverstone in 2015?

Question 4

Q: What was Silverstone before it became a race circuit?

Question 5

Q: How many F1 World Champions have come from Great Britain?

Question 6

Q: Which British driver holds the record for the longest wait between their first race and winning a World Championship?

Question 7

Q: Which British driver won his first F1 Grand Prix at the 1995 British Grand Prix?

Question 8

Q: Which track in Britain is thought to be the first purpose-built racing circuit in the world?

Question 9

Q: What was the last year the British Grand Prix was not held at Silverstone?

Question 10

Q: Which British team won the first Constructors’ Championship in 1958?

Question 11

Q: What was strange about Michael Schumacher’s 1998 British Grand Prix win?

Question 12

Q: In what year did Silverstone switch to its current ‘Arena’ layout?

Question 13

Q: Bono was supremely cool on the last lap of the 2020 British Grand Prix, as Lewis finished the race on three wheels. What was the final gap to Verstappen behind?

Question 14

Q: Which two drivers joined George on the podium of the Formula 2 Feature Race in 2018?

Question 15

Q: After Lewis, which British driver has the most British Grand Prix wins?

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