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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on the Australian Grand Prix

Formula One loves a trip to the Southern Hemisphere, and there’s nowhere quite like Albert Park in Melbourne.

There’s nothing quite like this quiz either. Get yourself ready for the Australian Grand Prix with our latest ten-question offering. Be sure to tell us your score on our social media channels!

Question 1

Q: Melbourne is one of two cities in Australia to have hosted a Grand Prix. Where is the other?

Question 2

Q: When did Albert Park in Melbourne first host the Australian Grand Prix?

Question 3

Q: The team has claimed four victories in Melbourne. How many different Mercedes drivers have won an Australian Grand Prix?

Question 4

Q: What feat did George achieve at the 2022 Australian Grand Prix?

Question 5

Q: Where did the team finish its first Australian Grand Prix after rejoining F1 in 2010?

Question 6

Q: What iconic phrase did Valtteri use after taking victory at the 2019 season opener in Melbourne?

Question 7

Q: Lewis has taken victory in Australia on two occasions. How many times in total has he stood on the podium?

Question 8

Q: How many times has a Mercedes-powered car taken victory at the Australian Grand Prix?

Question 9

Q: The team won the first race of the Hybrid era – its fifth since 2010 - at Albert Park in 2014. Where had the previous four wins been achieved?

Question 10

Q: What career milestone did Lewis achieve in Australia in 2016?

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