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Six Fave Singapore GP Moments

There's no denying it—the Singapore Grand Prix is truly exceptional. The Marina Bay circuit, set beneath the night sky, poses one of the most challenging tests for an F1 driver, both physically and mentally.

Since our inaugural visit in 2010, this race has gifted our team with some truly unforgettable moments. We've handpicked a few of the finest for you to relive.

2010: Our Singapore Debut

Our first encounter with the mega streets of Singapore came in 2010.

When the sun sets, and the streets are bathed in light, there's simply no better backdrop for photographing a Formula One racing car.

We fondly remember watching Michael and Nico expertly navigate the W01 through the iconic Singapore Sling chicane all those years ago. And now, in 2023, we're thrilled to share the magic of these epic track photographs with you once again.

2014: Our Inaugural Singapore Triumph

Every victory holds a special place in our Team's heart, and there's an added thrill when we take home a trophy at a race for the first time. In our prior four visits to Marina Bay, we had yet to secure a spot on the podium, with a fourth-place finish in the previous year being our best result to date.

In 2014, in everything changed during the inaugural year of F1's hybrid era, with Lewis clinching his seventh victory of the season, marking our eleventh win as a team. It was a historic moment as we celebrated our first-ever win under the firework-filled Singapore night sky.

This hard-fought triumph also propelled Lewis into a championship lead, a position he maintained until the end of the season in his season-long battle with teammate Nico Rosberg.

2017: 60 Wins

Amidst a fierce championship battle with Sebastian Vettel, starting from fifth on the grid was not the scenario Lewis and the Team had envisioned for 2017.

Rain prior to the race added a thrilling dimension, making it the inaugural night-time Grand Prix conducted in wet conditions.

Capitalizing on a chaotic first lap that catapulted him from fifth to first, Lewis mastered the treacherous circuit flawlessly. He clinched his 60th F1 victory and secured his fourth win at Marina Bay, leaving Ricciardo and Valtteri trailing in third.

Despite a lackluster Saturday performance, the Team and Lewis orchestrated a remarkable comeback on race day Sunday, seizing the opportunity to shift the tide in the championship battle.

2018: Lewis' Legendary Pole Lap

Picking the best of Lewis's 104 career pole laps is no small feat. However, there's a feeling among those in the know that his performance in Singapore in 2018 was as close to Formula One qualifying perfection as it gets.

Lewis himself described the run as "one of the most complete" laps he had ever executed, shaving a remarkable 1.3 seconds off his previous Q3 attempts and establishing an unassailable benchmark of 1:36:015.

As spectators watched Lewis navigate the Singapore circuit, displaying an unmatched blend of speed and precision, even Toto Wolff proclaimed it the finest lap he had ever witnessed in a Formula One car.

A day later, Lewis transformed this extraordinary lap into his fifth Singapore Grand Prix triumph, reinforcing his position at the helm of the 2018 World Drivers' Championship.

2019: Respecting the Battle

Following another grueling Qualifying session, marked by the scorching heat and intense competition in 2019, it was heartwarming to witness a special moment between Lewis and Sebastian Vettel in parc fermé. Two legends of the sport, amidst the hot and competitive atmosphere, took a moment to appreciate each other's company. Even though neither driver had clinched pole position, this remains a vivid memory etched in our hearts. The next day, Lewis extended his sportsmanship as he congratulated Seb in the post-race media pen on his Grand Prix victory.

2022: Tub Life

There's nothing quite like the Singapore Grand Prix—a place where even ice baths become standard procedure. With temperatures soaring to a scorching 60 degrees Celsius inside a Formula One car during track sessions, it's no surprise that drivers are keen to cool down the moment they step out of their cars. Last year at Marina Bay, Lewis and George took a refreshing plunge together, giving rise to one of our most liked photos of the season.