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Team Targets 100% Biofuel Logistics for 2024 European Season

The team is excited to announce an extended use of HVO100 as part of our ambition for a 100% biofueled European logistics season in 2024.

Biofuels have played an important role in fuelling our past two European seasons.

In 2022 and 2023 our fleet of Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks were powered by the alternative HVO100 fuels, and last season helped us achieve a 67% reduction in our emissions.

New for 2024, our biofuel adventure will carry on at the track, as the generators powering our hospitality and engineering trucks will also be powered by HVO100.

The initiative is the latest bold action we are taking to extract the advantages of biofuels and improve our efficiency in how we power our operations on the way to, and at the racetrack.

What are HVO100 Biofuels?

HVO100 - Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil - is a renewable diesel fuel created by hydrotreating renewable feedstocks.

Made from 100% renewable raw materials such as vegetable oils, animal fats and oils created as a waste product of the food industry, HVO100 is one of the cleanest and most efficient diesel alternatives around today.

As in previous years, team Title and Technical Partner PETRONAS has played a big part in the rollout of our biofuel mission.

Toto said: "Sustainable fuels powering out European season logistics are a key part of our transition plans helping the team and our sport move towards a Net Zero future.

"We have increased our investment to deliver further efficiencies with projected emissions reductions reflecting the combined efforts of the team, PETRONAS and our logistics partners.

"Fuel innovation sits at the heart of the changes coming to our sport in 2026. I am proud to lead a team so committed to driving sustainable change."

Datuk Sazali Hamzah, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of PETRONAS Downstream said: "In addition to working on delivering sustainable fuel for the Formula One cars by 2026, we continue to progress in our efforts to reduce carbon footprint within other parts of the motorsport ecosystem, including travel and logistics.

"Though these segments of the industry may not be visible to the fans, they demand concerted efforts in reducing emissions.

"Building on last year's achievements, we are now expanding the use of HVO100, which represents one of the most feasible solutions and many collaborative efforts to come in powering motorsport closer towards Net Zero whilst showcasing the potential of biofuels to the world's transportation sector."

Building on the successes of recent seasons, our race trucks will be powered by HVO100 for the third year in a row.

Setting out from Brackley last week, the trucks will cover over 9,000km between this weekend's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix in Monza in September, before returning to base.

It is estimated that for every kilometre covered in that time, 90% of CO2e will be saved compared to traditional diesel.

Head of Sustainability Alice Ashpitel said: "With the ambition of a fully biofueled season in line with our net zero commitments we continue to use data to drive our learning.

"This has enabled us to increase our savings year on year and modify our operation as we learn more about supply and infrastructure variations across the continent/multiple geographies in play."

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