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Welcome to the Playground with Lewis, George & AMG

Picture the scene: a ring of AMG sports cars, two Formula 1 drivers and a mysterious box containing five keys...

Join Lewis Hamilton and George Russell as they spend a day taking on Immendingen as their driving playground. With the jaw-dropping AMG cars at our drivers' disposal, the day promises a fusion of pure driving pleasure and emotion. As they make their way through the five keys, the duo is tasked with conquering slalom and drift challenges.

For the first challenge, it's the AMG ONE - with its unparalleled grip and downforce - that grabs their attention. The slalom course becomes a dance of precision and power as they navigate ever closer to the center line in their expert attempts to master the course. But curiosity lingers, and they return the AMG ONEs to their spots, ready for the next task.

Keys in hand, they take on the second challenge. George commands the C 63 S E PERFORMANCE, while Lewis takes the wheel of the new GT. Drift mode is engaged with screeching tires as they perfect the art of drifting. Finally, only one car remains: the S 63 E PERFORMANCE. Who will win rock, paper, scissors to decide the fate of the last key? Watch now to find out.