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We're Enjoying the Hunt! - Toto

Toto throws forward to this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix, which is Round 5 of the 2021 Formula One season...

"The first couple of races have provided us with both wheel-to-wheel and strategic battles for victory," said Toto.

"Spain was far from a perfect weekend for us and there are lots of learnings to take forward, but nevertheless, to come back from a 2-4 on lap one and score a 1-3 was a very strong result and one we can be proud of as a team.

"Next up is Monaco. There's really no race like it and it was hugely missed last year - we can't wait to be back in action on the streets of Monte Carlo!

"It's such a unique, intense weekend for the drivers and the team, with no margin for error. It puts the fire under your ass, and we love the challenge!

"Monaco is a high downforce track and we know that's a key strength of Red Bull. They were very quick in sector three in Spain and that's often a good indication of strong performance in Monaco.

"So, we head into the weekend knowing they are the team to beat, whilst also knowing we'll face strong competition from some of the other teams, too.

"But, just like the season so far, we're enjoying the hunt.

"The last time we were racing in Monaco was shortly after Niki's passing. So, he won't be far from our thoughts this year, either."