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About us

World class talent. High-performance culture. Advanced engineering capabilities.  

Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science is a business division of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team. We provide bespoke engineering services combining world-class talent and a high-performance culture with cutting-edge technical capability. 

With the new Formula One regulations requiring teams to operate within a fixed budget cap, Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science was created to enable the diversification of the company to tackle new and exciting engineering challenges. Beyond the world of Formula One.  

Together, we go all in by being resilient and unflinching in the face of every challenge.  

Our Work

America’s Cup 

If we don’t dare, we don’t do. 

The America’s Cup is the most prestigious sailing event in the world. It started in Britain, 45 years before the modern Olympic Games, with a race around the Isle of Wight. It has never been won by a British team since. 

Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science has come together with Sir Ben Ainslie’s British America’s Cup Team, forming INEOS Britannia, backed by INEOS’s founder Sir Jim Ratcliffe.  

Here, the worlds of high-performance marine and automotive engineering meet with a very clear goal. Win the America’s Cup for Britain. 

The current regulations have mandated the most technologically advanced vessels the competition has ever produced. Our racing sailboat, the AC75, has openly embraced the foiling era. It allows flaps on the main T-foils. This is the same control system that would be used on an aircraft. 

Our Formula One mindset means that we bring a legacy of innovative design, ironclad determination, and a high-performing culture to the table.  

As proven winners, it’s in our DNA.  

We are all in to win the America’s Cup. 

Vision EQXX 

Efficiency. Individual mobility. Reimagined.  

The Vision EQXX had an ambitious goal in sight: producing a carbon fibre subframe that would reduce mass. Our Formula One work means that we are well accustomed to very fast paced and ambitious projects.  

We set out to save a minimum of 10kg in weight from the standard rear subframe. We achieved a mass saving of 12.3kg. 

The result was unprecedented efficiency.  

The work of Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science contributed to an all-electric range of 620 miles. On one charge.  

More capacity, from a small lighter package.  

Our Capabilities - Overview

Being capable of extracting marginal gains at the leading edge of engineering and aerodynamics requires exceptional people.  

Our people are our greatest asset. 

From performance to power. Materials to aerodynamics. CFD to mechanical design. And everything in between.  

We are all in, by working together and putting the team first, with everyone contributing equally.  

We are unafraid to push the boundaries of conventional wisdom.

Our Technical Capabilities

Advanced Modelling  

Thousands of sensors. Real time data. Constantly evolving.  

Our advanced modelling starts with complete, high fidelity CAD models. Then, our physical products are equipped with sensors which capture data. That enables us to create and constantly evolve an integrated model of a car.  

In real time we capture data that drives the correlation between these two environments. 

Our simulator abilities and our modelling abilities work hand in hand.  

Together, they enable us to optimise and extract maximum performance. 

The Best Wind Tunnel That F1 Can Offer 

Formula One technology. Up to 180kph. From CAD release to wind tunnel. 

We pour continuous investment in advanced load measurement and flow visualisation technology into our wind tunnel. 

That enables flow quality and uniformity with a high run efficiency and accurate model changes.  

High-performance with the best wind tunnel technology.