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Industrial Placement Opportunities

Different disciplines. One team.

Learn more about the different Industrial Placement opportunities available with a deeper dive into the details of each business area.

Technical Areas


As an Aerodynamics Industrial Placement, you will apply your thoughtful and inquisitive nature to exciting projects that improve the aerodynamic performance of our car, enhance our tools and methodologies, or solve problems on our customer projects relating to fluid flow.  Depending on your specific placement within the Aerodynamics Department, you could find yourself testing in our on-site wind tunnel, evaluating different concepts with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), modelling your ideas using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), or applying your programming skills to develop new analysis tools.  Working collaboratively as part of a small group, you will enjoy the same responsibilities and creative freedoms as our full-time employees, while developing your skills and making a very real contribution to the performance of our Team.

Applied Science

As an Applied Science Industrial Placement, you will be immersed amongst a team that plays an important role in fuelling our ambition of being the best team on and off the racetrack. Harnessing the very best of Formula 1 technology and capability you will be involved in creating design solutions for a diverse range of niche commercial clients, realising these designs within a digital platform, supporting the design through manufacture and on to completion. You will be guided throughout this process and encouraged to consider strength and durability, ease of manufacture, cost, and failure modes. You will be expected to present both technical and status reports on the work you are undertaking.

Car Build

As a Car Build Industrial Placement, you will be involved in part packaging design, departmental audits, recording metrics and organising equipment calibration for the Build department. With the support of your manager, you will be the main point of contact for the various external suppliers and contractors we use for a variety of tasks, organising deliveries and scheduling the work with the Build department. On top of the main responsibilities of the role you will have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. Examples include increasing the efficiency of our rigs, designing tooling for assemblies, or creating and maintaining code to automate tasks.

Controls Systems

As a Control Systems Industrial Placement you will be assisting with the development and release cycle of on-board embedded control system code using Matlab Simulink, on-car systems calibration and analysis using car data and metric tools using Matlab and data viewer analysis platform, functionality development of the physical and virtual control testing environments and provide support for new and existing powertrain systems / components during in-house dyno testing and support in house Virtual Track Tests.

Cost Analysis

As a Cost Analyst Industrial Placement, you will be supporting the Cost Analysis team with their cost cap compliance activities working closely the Design Office, Operations, the Race Team and the Finance Team. Key accountabilities include; costing data quality improvements and data analysis; process optimisation and automation; cost reduction; FIA / Finance reporting; Non-F1 activities; working with the team to ensure consistency of approach and methodologies, aligning processes and standardising practice.

Design Office (DPD)

As a Design Office Industrial placement (part of the Design Process Development team) you will be involved in the design process, development of a large variety of Formula One component’s such as suspension, transmission, chassis, electronics, hydraulics and America’s cup boat componentry. You will be involved in developing the standards within our design engineering team, creating better design specifications to ensure engineering continuity. You will gain exposure to design, structural analysis, technical purchasing, manufacturing, suppliers, and the race team. This role is key to our creativity and high exacting standards within the Team. You will also have the opportunity for secondments to other groups in the Design Office.


As an Industrial Placement in Electronics, you will work on projects that make a direct impacton our F1 and non-F1 (including the America’s Cup) programmes and your contribution will be critical to the ongoing success of these projects. Our placement is flexible to suit your skills and interests as we have a wide range of activities undertaken by the department. Some of these activities within the Electronics department include: technology development, analogue and digital circuit design, and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layouts; to electronic installation, housing, and harness design; as well as system testing verification and electronic fault finding. You will spend your time working on projects that suit your skills and interests, alongside experienced members of the team who will mentor, teach, inspire and motivate. Interests would include one or more of these areas: Analogue, Digital, Radio Frequency (RF) or Power Electronics Design; Software or Embedded Systems; PCB Design and Layout; Electronics Housing or Harness Design; Circuit Testing or Electronics Fault Finding.

Experimental Aerodynamics

As an Experimental Aerodynamics Industrial Placement, you will contribute to the development and application of the latest technology to the wind-tunnel. You will work on projects that solve interesting and challenging problems which require a broad range of skills such as: interpretation and presentation of data, mechanical design, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) , electronics, optics, and programming. You will enjoy working within a motivated team and be confident in understanding problems as they arise and deciding how best to plan your work in resolving them. You will be able to effectively communicate progress and results on your projects whilst contributing ideas to others.

Experimental Measurement & Data

As an Experimental Measurement & Data Industrial Placement, you will make a significant contribution to enabling the team to learn at a greater rate by improving the quality of data available. You will join a small and dynamic team and use your innate curiosity and creativity to quickly understand technical problems and contribute to their solution. Over the course of the placement, you will collaborate with other technology areas. This may include devising and following experiments, analysing experimental data, and improving our capability to produce accurate and reliable measurements.

Powertrain Integration

As a Powertrain Integration Industrial Placement, you will work alongside experienced engineers and take ownership of a variety of capability and design projects in support of our current and future powertrain programmes. The capability projects are longer-term across your placement and offer the ability to collaborate closely with our Build, Dyno and Test & Development departments to improve our reliability. The design activities will see you produce parts and manufacturing drawings as part of upgrade and fault-fix programmes – putting your stamp on our race car. We also support external high-performance engineering activities through our Applied Science division which offers exposure to applying our motorsport Powertrain skillsets to other industrial applications.

Race Team

As a Race Engineering Industrial Placement or Race Strategy Industrial Placement, you will work as part of the race team, at the factory, running support systems and providing analysis of data for both race and test events. Outside of these events you will contribute towards development and automation of tools. Additional key accountabilities are: to provide race and test support for all events during the year; to assist with pre-and post-event analysis tasks for each event covering data and competitor information; to run and monitor a range of software systems during race and test events, including input parameterisation; to assist with live analysis and support during free-practice, qualifying and races; carry out ad-hoc tasks, for example investigating trends in data or opponent behaviour and to develop and automate tools and analyse routines in Python and/or JavaScript.

Test & Development

As a Test & Development Industrial Placement you will work within a small design group and a larger lab test group. Test & Development has a very broad remit and you will get the opportunity to support in the design and delivery of projects for the equipment used to test and sign off car components and set up and run the F1 car at the track. You will be working with 3D CAD models, assemblies and produce 2D drawings, with supporting definitions and documentations for manufacturing information. There will be the opportunity to discuss technical concepts and find solutions to problems by applying your interpretive skills, attention to detail and dependable judgment.

Vehicle Dynamics

As a Vehicle Dynamics Industrial Placement or a Simulation and Modelling Industrial Placement, you will join a department focused on developing mathematical simulation & modelling capabilities, understanding and improving vehicle performance. Your direct responsibilities may include areas such as: analysis of track and simulation data to optimise car performance; development of new vehicle models and simulations to cater for specific request from the Performance Department or Race Engineering; provide factory-based support to the Race Team and aid the decision-making at race events; advance analysis techniques to better understand and quantify vehicle performance; supporting the testing and regression of new and current simulations, support testing in the driver-in-the-loop simulator.

Business Support Areas


As a Commercial Industrial Placement, you will be contributing to our revenue-generating opportunities, principally managing the acquisition of partners. This represents an outstanding opportunity for anyone who is seeking to start a career in top tier global sports marketing. You will undertake research and analysis of brands, develop insights (supported with appropriate data) and produce content to support sponsorship proposals within our Commercial team in the Marketing Department. You will support on, and take ownership of, certain strategic commercial projects related to Mercedes F1 – under the guidance of senior team members. This could include initiatives related to our Retail, Merchandising & Licensing programme, E-commerce etc. Providing overall administrative support to the commercial team including event planning, gifting, and SAP.


As a Communications Industrial Placement you will gain hands-on experience across an array of teams within Communications and the wider Marketing function, working within a fast-paced, forward-thinking sports team. You will facilitate delivery to our parent brand, Mercedes-AMG, working closely to support our Mercedes-AMG Cooperation Manager. You will also support the Communications Team with a blend of project-based and administrative tasks to contribute to the goals of the team and the wider business.

Creative Design

As a Creative Design Industrial Placement, you will gain valuable hands-on experience in a very exciting and fast-paced sector. The remit of the brand and design team is wide and covers many areas of design including all brand, trackside, internal, clothing, social, hospitality, interiors, and commercial design elements. You will support the brand design team with creative projects to contribute to reaching their goals and those of the wider business. Some key accountabilities include: creative ideation, post-race image management, pre-race asset creation, stationery development, hospitality design, commercial proposals, digital content creation, internal branding, and weekly design deck overviews.

IT (Network)

As an IT Network Industrial Placement in our Core Technology Team, you will be a valued member of the IT Department, bringing your analytical nature and high standards to a range of range of exciting, real-world challenges. Working collaboratively across the IT Department, your ideas and skills will make a tangible contribution to the performance of our team, both on and off the track, working to support, operate and evolve our networking capabilities. During this placement you will have the opportunity to work with industry leading networking technologies in fields such as data centre, campus and wireless networking, perimeter security and associated software systems.


As a Legal Industrial Placement, you will be supported as you pick up and manage your own workload, including tasks such as operating our contract management platform to execute NDAs, drafting and negotiating contracts and carrying out legal research and analysis. In doing so, you will gain hands-on experience in the main legal areas that concern a Formula One team including commercial, intellectual property, compliance, data protection and sports regulation and governance. Your work could also expand beyond the Legal Department, you will be given the opportunity to co-operate with and advise different areas of the business including Purchasing, Commercial, E-Commerce, Marketing, Communications, Travel and HR as well as more engineering-specific areas such as Applied Science.

Marketing Operations

As the Marketing Operations Industrial Placement you will support the various functions within the Department involved in the delivery and activation of contractual rights for our Partner and Supplier brands. Assisting the Partnerships, Hospitality, Events, Merchandise and Clothing teams, the key accountabilities include the planning and implementation of Partner activations, events and guest programmes; creating and maintaining key documents and platforms including brochures and toolkits for internal and Partner use, tracking and reporting of activations and contractual entitlements, and assisting in the inventory and distribution of team clothing, merchandise, gifts and operational items required by the team during the Grand Prix season.