• The Silver Arrows

Helmet & HANS
1250g of safety: A F1 helmet is made of carbon, polyethylene or Kevlar. It is developed in the wind tunnel to give it the best possible aerodynamics. The word HANS stands for Head And Neck Support. It protects the driver’s spine in accidents and avoids the head hitting the steering wheel. The formula one HANS has been co-developed by Mercedes-Benz.

Engine & transmission
The formula one engine FO108X from Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines: the V8 engine with 2.4 l displacement and 18,000 rpm weighs just 95kg. The transmission is a sequential, seven-speed semi-automatic unit with hydraulic activation.

The cockpit
The ergonomically designed monocoque safety cell is made of lightweight carbon fibre and accommodates the most important instrument for the driver: the steering wheel. The fibre glass design comprises 120 individual components, 20 switches and functions.

Chassis & suspension
The chassis is made from moulded carbon fibre combined with a stabilising honeycomb composite structure. The suspension comprises a wishbone, pushrod activated torsion springs and rockers. Put more simply: state-of-the-art racing technology from Mercedes-Benz.

Wheels & brakes
The MPG W-01 rides on Bridgestone Potenza tyres. The wheels made of forged magnesium derive from BBS. The brakes are equipped with Brembo brake calipers and carbon discs and pads.